6 Questions And Answers About New Usui Reiki

November 16, 2018 3 min read

6 Questions And Answers About New Usui Reiki

Before I dive in to provide 6 questions and answers about New Usui Reiki, there are few things to keep in mind about energy healing. You are a unique being, which means that any experiences will be unique to you - they will be what is right for you at that moment. This means that it is important not to compare your experiences to others. This also means that what is significant for others, may not be significant for you and vice verse.

One other thing to mention is that when comparing Usui Reiki and New Usui Reiki, it is important to remember that they are not the same. New Usui Reiki completely strips back Usui Reiki to just the Reiki energies. It removes everything else that is contained in Usui Reiki. So this will change how the energies feel, but you will still be channelling pure Reiki energies.

6 Questions And Answers About New Usui Reiki

1. What Are The Benefits Of New Usui Reiki?

New Usui Reiki strips out all 'ritual' and procedures and focuses entirely on the Reiki energy, which is activated by intention. It is because of this that you can learn New Usui Reiki in a fraction of the time compared to Usui Reiki. Due to the speed of learning the course is often far cheaper than Usui Reiki, yet still provides access to Reiki energies. New Usui Reiki is also good for self-treatments where you may be restricted with time as a treatment only lasts about 5 minutes, yet provides all the energies you would receive in a standard Usui Reiki treatment.

2. Can You Send New Usui Reiki Energies To Future And Past Events

Absolutely. The energy is directed by intention, so what you think about, the energies will follow.

3. Can You Use New Usui Reiki With Clients?

As mentioned in point number 1, a 5 min New Usui Reiki session could be the same as a 60 min Usui Reiki session. Professional Reiki practitioners tend to charge for their time, so using only New Usui Reiki could be tricky to make a living from, but you can use these energies on others.

5. Why Not Just Use Usui Reiki?

Usui Reiki and New Usui Reiki are different in their practice, although they provide the same energies. With this in mind, some people prefer long rituals and processes, and some prefer a more straightforward process. It is a personal choice as to what works best for you. You can, of course, use both types of Reiki for different situations.

6. Is A 5 Min New Usui Reiki Treatment As Effective As A 60 Min Usui Reiki Treatment?

Yes, what you can achieve with a 60 min Usui Reiki treatment you can do the same with a 5 min New Usui Reiki treatment. The effectiveness, however, will be subjective and depend on your energies, the client's energies and what you want to achieve at that time. Always match the energies required for a session that feels right, so there may be times a Usui Reiki session is better than a New Usui Reiki session if a client prefers a longers more structured session as an example. But the energies required will take much quicker to flow and complete when using New Usui Reiki.


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