Chakra Clearing Exercise For Increased Vitality And Well-being

Chakra Clearing Exercise For Increased Vitality And Well-being

The chakra clearing exercise for increased vitality and well-being is perfect for times when you are going through change or when you are working on specific areas in your life. It is also an excellent exercise to add to your daily energy hygiene practices. This easy to follow chakra exercise gives a deep energetic clearing of non-serving energies and stimulates self-empowerment by raising your vibration and reminding you of your already whole and divine self.

Healthy chakras are vital for keeping you feeling vibrant and your well-being high.

I started using this chakra clearing exercise when I was going through a period of profound change and transition. I had just resigned from my successful corporate job and was in the process of starting a journey of discovery that would take me across Europe while growing, discovering and ultimately remembering my true self. Journeys of this nature force you to confront change and this chakra exercise certainly helped in this process. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Before we start the exercise let’s recap what chakras are and why we have them. Chakras are a vital part of our energy bodies. Energy bodies are energy structures within and around our physical body. Examples of energy bodies are auric layers, meridians and of course chakras. Chakras are responsible for bringing in life-giving and supportive energies from around you, and they then spread this energy throughout your energy bodies. The chakras work across all of your energy bodies and when working optimally will keep you healthy and filled with vitality. They are vital for keeping you vibrant and your well-being high.

However, as you go about your daily life, you may bring in energies that are not healthy or supportive. It is for this reason that it is essential to reduce your time that is spent in non-serving environments and with people who reduce your vitality.

Also, chakras also concentrate energies within them, so if there are non-serving energies within you, such as negative emotions, these energies will affect your vitality and the ability of the chakras to function optimally. This reduces the amount of vital energy within your energy bodies, which may eventually lead to the manifestation of illness in your physical body.

The chakra clearing exercise for increased vitality and well-being aims to clear each main chakra and then activates, energises, and programs them with an affirmation. This is a powerful exercise to use during times of stress and significant life events.

This exercise is best done on a daily basis. You will be opening each of the seven main chakras, although you can include any other chakras in this exercise that you wish, removing any non-serving energies and then strengthen and programming it to aid in increased vitality and vibration. You will repeat this process for each chakra. Please do not worry if you do not sense anything while doing the exercise, your intention (What is intention?) is the essential part of the process.

Chakra Clearing Exercise For Increased Vitality And Well-being

Let’s begin.

1. Start with the lowest chakra you are working on, usually the root chakra, although this could be the earth star or even the chakras in the feet if you prefer.

2. Locate the chakra and hold your hand just above it. Connect with the chakra by trying to sense how far it extends above the body, how it feels, how it is spinning etc. If you are unable to sense the connection with the chakra use your intention to do so and this will be sufficient.

3. Once you have sensed the chakra, reach into it gently and turn your hand/fingers in an anticlockwise movement. Do this for three or four rotations while sensing any non-serving energy. This may be felt as causing a slight resistance on the hand. Please do not worry if you do not sense anything. Just intend that you are clearing non-serving energies and this will happen.

4. Now with a scooping action remove the non-serving energies by pulling or lifting it out of the chakra. You may need to repeat this a few times until you sense that all the non-serving energies have been removed.

When you are happy that the chakra has been cleared of any non-serving energies repeat these steps for each chakra, moving upwards toward the crown or the highest chakra you choose. Once you have cleared all the chakras, go back to the root chakra or the lowest chakra you are working with.

5. Place your hand/fingers in the chakra and move your hand/fingers in a clockwise direction as you do this focus your intention and energy on to the chakra. Imagine and intend that the chakra is strengthened, repaired, and filled with nurturing and abundant energy. Imagine that the chakra starts to glow brightly from the inside out.

6. If you use the Chakra Maintenance Attunement, you can activate the energies for the chakra. Again imagine that the chakra glows brightly from the inside out.

7. As you do this repeat the following affirmation that will raise your vibration and remind you of your already whole and divine self:

‘I am a divine, eternal and expansive energy being who is whole and perfect.’

Feel the power of the affirmation fill your chakra and then slowly spread around your body while remembering your true identity.

8. Now repeat these steps for each chakra moving upwards toward the crown or the highest chakra you choose. Once complete you can either go on and do your other energetic hygiene practices or finish off by giving thanks and feeling gratitude.

The process may sound like a long one, but you will be surprised at just how quickly you will be able to do it with the correct focus and intention. This exercise is one that not only aims to restore your energy but it also helps you remember your already whole and perfect nature.

With practice, this exercise can be done by just using your intention and focus. There is a lot of room for experimentation with this exercise, so if you feel like adding a different affirmation or only working on main chakras, please feel free to experiment and do what feels right for you.

If you are looking for an attunement to help clear, balance and activate your chakras, you should consider the Chakra Maintenance Attunement.


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