Oliva Pure Olive Oil Soap Review

I have been using Oliva Pure Olive Oil Soap for almost ten years. This natural soap is one of the very best soaps that I have found for sensitive skin.

I battled for years to find an effective natural product that worked and would not aggravate my sensitive skin. When I found Oliva, I never looked back. Oliva is the only product I use to wash my face.

How Natural Is Oliva?

It is made with only natural ingredients, well three to be precise — namely olive oil, water, and salt. Oliva is made on the island of Crete in Greece and is as natural as soap comes.

I don't like to use unnecessary chemicals in my daily life and will always use natural products if they are effective. I am also very keen on using natural products due to their generally higher vibration than mass produced chemically excessive products. Oliva is indeed high vibration compared to any other soap or face wash I have used before. It contains no additives, and it is not tested on animals, is vegetarian and is biodegradable.

Oliva matches all my criteria for an effective, natural and high vibrational product should include.

Why I Love Oliva

Due to the use of olive oil, this soap is very moisturising. Olive oil has been used for centuries as a natural skin cleanser, exfoliator and skin conditioner. The soap feels great on the skin, and you can feel it immediately start to moisturise. I have also used the soap to shave with, although only use a small amount and moisturise straight afterwards.

Oliva lasts for ages and ages. One bar can last for months and at only £1.29 a bar (from Holland and Barrett in the UK), it is absolutely value for money. You can purchase Oliva Pure Olive Oil soap online. I highly recommend Oliva Pure Olive Oil Soap!


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