What Your Education Really Taught You

October 08, 2016 5 min read

What Your Education Really Taught You

You learnt a lot at school. You learnt how to read or how to perfect your reading, how to add up, divide and multiple. You learnt how to interact with your fellow students and teachers. Perhaps you learnt subjects like geography, history, biology, art and social skills by playing sports etc. You may have then gone on to college or university to learn additional knowledge in order to pursue a career. We tend to get distracted with the benefits of knowledge that we don’t see the effects that the system, hidden agendas and attempts to place you into neat little-predefined boxes have on your life.

You see your education helped make you into the person who you are today. From a very early age, you have been taught not to think for yourself. You have been actively taught that being a true individual is not acceptable. You must act and think exactly the same way as your fellow students. Any form of individuality was systematically broken down and suppressed. I know this may sound far-fetched and perhaps over the top, but let’s look at the following ways this was achieved.

School Uniform, Appearance And Behaviour

In many schools, especially from previous generations, you were expected to all dress, look and behave exactly the same. This meant that any form of creativity or self-expression was immediately suppressed. In other words, you were told what was acceptable and what was not. You were told that this was done for discipline reasons and to teach you to be ready for a life in the adult world. What this really did was to start the process of moulding you into a faceless individual. An individual that is part of the system - where you are told what is acceptable. 

What You Are Taught

The subjects taught at school all have a certain approach to thinking. This is no mistake. You are taught how to think and in most cases, how not to think. The problem with the way you are taught to think is that rule number one if it is not part of the curriculum then it is wrong. In order to be correct, you must learn and be able to regurgitate the information at will - with no thought at all. 

How You Must Think

Any thought must be done using the processes and structures you have been taught. It is wrong to think any other way. It is also interesting that the processes of thinking that you were taught also taught you that emotions have nothing to do with reasoning, rationalising etc. This is probably why there are so many people who suffer from emotional difficulties. If you are told that emotions are not necessary or even worse wrong to be used in decision making or daily life this leads to emotional suppression. It is a sure fire way to suppress your intuition and connection with spirit. How many lightworkers, who think differently, have been suppressed from being who they truly are by being told they are wrong, too sensitive, troublemakers, or made to feel excluded? All because they think and perceive things differently from what the systems tells them is normal or acceptable.

Hidden Agendas

In many countries, there are gross conflicts of interest when it comes to what information is taught in the schooling system. Big business has been allowed to commercialise our schools (CBS News: Why McDonalds says it wants 'to be in schools'). With the exchange of money comes influence. All you have to do is look at who has a financial stake in our schools and that will tell you where the influence is coming from. As an example have a look at the food being served in schools and you will see why. Students are being programmed to consume addictive unhealthy foods from an early age and even worse, are being given incorrect or confusing information so they can’t even make informed decisions (Huffington Post: How False Advertising By Big Food Is Driving Obesity). The problem goes further than food and health. Did you know that according to the latest research (nutritionfacts.org: Medical School Nutrition Education) that the average doctor only spends 24 hours learning about nutrition in the whole time they study? And that only 25% of medical schools had a requirement to teach nutrition?! This speaks volumes! It is better to treat someone with expensive drugs than to tell them how to eat and live healthily as the profits are much lower. Oh, did you know that the same pharmaceutical manufacturers also subsidise universities and research? (Live Science: Dark Side Of Medical Research: Widespread Bias And Ommissions). Little wonder we are living longer, but not actually getting any gains in living and feeling healthier (nutritionfacts.org: Americans Are Living Longer But Sicker Lives). Oh wait, that would be why they do it - keep us living longer, feeling terrible, taking more medicines. That is a lot of money over a lifetime, especially when our lifespans are increasing. The point to take away from this is that the system has been created to tell you what your reality is, and it does not always benefit you. 

It is not just big business that benefits from telling you what and how to think. It is also your government. It is far easier to control a population that lives their lives in a bubble, doing what they are told and never really questioning their reality. Ironically the more content your feel in life, the less likely you are to think for yourself and discover that the reality that has been created for you is actually a prison. You are being lulled into accepting this reality and denied creating your own reality. It is difficult to do so when they have taught you what your reality is. Your education has taught you to blindly and obediently obey authority. The emphasis is on blindly and obediently. 

It is time to wake up and see the reality in front of you or to be more clear, the reality that has been created for you. Are you really happy with living a life that is not actually your creation? It is important that you question everything. Always ask yourself how do you feel about something? Why do you think or feel something? Who is telling you how to be, act or do? Why? A good starting point is to revisit your early years when you started school and recall how you were shaped. If you were ever told or made to feel you were wrong then really question this. I work with many clients who have lost their purpose in life. In many ways, their education is partly to blame as they knew as children what made them truly happy and this was lost or suppressed by the system. 


Craig MacLennan
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