Kundalini Maintenance Attunement

The distant Kundalini Maintenance Attunement aims to offer a set of energetic tools that can be used to support the optimal functioning of your kundalini. These tools are designed to support your energy hygiene practices and personal and self-development goals.

The Kundalini Maintenance Attunement includes all the functions detailed below and in addition, the energies are also open-ended which means that as you progress, grow and move forward the frequencies change to support your needs at that time.

The energies of the Kundalini Maintenance Attunement works to raise your vibration. It uses your energy and does not channel in energy from outside of you. You are an immensely powerful energy being who already has all you need, so you already have the power within you to maintain your kundalini. You are one with all and require nothing outside of you to make you whole. This attunement reminds you of this power and delivers it in a simple and easy way to work with this part of you.

The Kundalini Maintenance Attunement contains the following functions:

Kundalini Maintenance

The Kundalini Maintenance function activates all the functions listed and includes energies that are specific for your energy signatures for a general and thorough energetic maintenance of your kundalini.

Kundalini Clearing

The Kundalini Clearing function provides a way of clearing non-serving energies, attachments, and blockages from your kundalini.

Kundalini Repair

The Kundalini Repair function provides a tool that can be used to repair any structural issues with your kundalini and return it back to optimal functioning.

Kundalini DNA

Your kundalini energy has a deeply connected association with your DNA. The Kundalini DNA function clears non-serving energies associated with your DNA.

Kundalini Frequency

The Kundalini Frequency function allows you to reset the frequency of your kundalini to its most optimal frequency to boost overall functioning and vitality at the time of use. 

Kundalini Dimensions

The Kundalini Dimensions function allows you to bring all of your kundalini energy back into this dimension. This is especially useful after astral projection, lucid dreaming etc or to balance energies between concurrent timelines. 

Kundalini Balance

The Kundalini Balance function brings your kundalini energy into balance both within itself and with the other energy bodies.

Due to the open-ended nature of the energies provided in this attunement, there is potential for new functions to reveal themselves to you that are specific to you and your needs. 

What are the Kundalini Maintenance Attunement requirements?

What may I gain from taking this custom made attunement?

  • Open-ended attunement that keeps working as you grow and develop.
  • Optimal kundalini function.
  • Kundalini clearing tool.
  • Repair kundalini structure.
  • Kundalini attachment removal.
  • Enhanced energetic protection and healing work.
  • Inter-dimensional support and balancing.
  • Energy hygiene tool and support.
  • Better energetic balance.
  • Increased vitality, well-being, and spiritual grounding
  • Self-empowerment and personal development support.
  • Can use energies for yourself, others, and animals.
  • Can attune others to these energies.

What is included?

  • Digital download of the manual.
  • 1 distant attunement prepared as a Chi Ball Attunement.
  • Certificate with lineage and signature via email.
  • Training and support during the course duration via email.


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