10 Types Of Energetic Blockages

When energy can no longer flow freely, an energetic blockage may occur. However, when trying to understand what energetic blockages are, it can help to have examples of some more visible and not so apparent types of blockages. Some types of blockages can be quite obscure; however, they still may have an impact on your life. The following 10 types of energetic blockages aim to give you a wide selection of different kinds of energetic blockages to consider.

10 Types Of Energetic Blockages

Auric Blockages

Energetic blockages tend to occur within the auric layers. They may present as localised areas of slow or stuck energies. These blockages usually happen due to internal energies slowing down or due to external energies that infiltrate the aura such as imprints or attachments such as implants and etheric cords. Blockages in the aura may present with symptoms that are reflective of the energies that have caused it or the location the blockage occurs. The Aura Maintenance Attunement aims to clear, repair, heal and maintain a healthy aura.

Chakra Blockages

The chakras are energetic structures that make up part of your energy bodies. Chakras bring in energy into your energy bodies and give out energy into your environment. Each chakra has certain ascribed qualities which influence how a chakra blockage presents itself. All chakra blockages will disrupt the functioning of the chakra. In so doing it reduces its ability to bring in and give out energy. This, in turn, has the potential of lowering vitality, lowering vibration and depending on the chakra, other attributes may manifest. The Chakra Maintenance Attunement aims to clear, repair, heal and maintain healthy chakras.

Meridian Blockages

Meridians operate like little rivers, that distribute energies around your energy bodies within the physical body. Each main meridian has certain qualities ascribed to it, so when a blockage occurs, it will typically reduce the ascribed quality. Energies that usually get blocked in the meridians are emotional. So when working with emotional clearings, it may be beneficial also to clear the meridians to try and get the most profound clearing possible. The Meridians Maintenance Attunement aims to clear, repair, heal and maintain healthy meridians.

Emotional Blockages

Like most blockages, emotional blockages can be quite complicated and occur over several different energy bodies. The primary location for emotional blockages are within the emotional body, which is an auric layer. Blockages that may affect emotions may also occur within the Sacral Chakra and the meridians. It is essential to work holistically and include other energy bodies to get a deep emotional clearing.

Mental Blockages

The most common mental blockage occurs within the mental body (auric layer) and affects the subconscious mind (What Is The Ego?). The subconscious makes up 90% of all the thoughts you have, and you are not aware of them. Due to this, it can be easy to have a mental blockage and not even be aware of it. The best way to identify subconscious blockages or programs is to watch and monitor your emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions while looking for patterns. Patterns such as self-sabotage tend to be quite common. The Mental Maintenance Attunement aims to clear, repair, heal and maintain healthy mental body energies.

Spiritual Blockages

Spiritual blockages tend to occur in multiple places, depending on what is being affected. The spiritual body (auric body) is susceptible to picking up external energies such as imprints, implants, and attachments. It also tends to be most affected by auric tears. Blockages within specific chakras may also have a significant effect on spiritual aspects of life.

Relationship Blockages

Blockages associated with relationships (friendships, romantic relationships, acquaintances, etc.) can be the most difficult. This is because they tend to run very deeply and across many different energetic locations. Due to this, it is quite common to observe energetic unbalance, which further exacerbates relationship issues.

Goal Blockages

Goal blockages are any energies that prevent you from setting effective, appropriate, and realistic goals and not being able to achieve them. Goal blockages tend to occur in places that affect personal power, intuition, and the subconscious. Focusing on these areas may have a significant impact on knowing what goals to set and achieve them.

Abundance And Manifestation Blockages

The most significant blockage to abundance and manifestations are non-serving subconscious thoughts. Subconscious thoughts are created based on past experiences to keep you safe. So if you had a bad experience that may impact what you want to achieve, your subconscious would be warning you off doing it by subconscious actions that ultimately self-sabotage you to keep you safe. The Abundance Maintenance Attunement aims to increase abundance by clearing non-serving energies and bringing in supportive energies.

Past Life Blockages

Past life blockages are not created in this reality, but rather from actions in previous lives. Past life blockages typically are spiritual blockages and can include curses, soul contracts, family connections and past life memories. The clearing of past life blockages may be useful to do when working on ascension, spiritual growth, and relationship issues. However, if you are very focused on past life clearing, it may suggest a mental blockage. The most important life to work on is always this life. The Past Life Clearing Maintenance Attunement aims to clear negative energies from your past lives so you can move forward in this lifetime.

Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement

The Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement aims to assist you in clearing the above blockages and more. This attunement aims to provide energetic tools to assist in the clearing of all types of blockages allowing you to move forward with more ease.

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