10 Ways To Cut Etheric Cords And Prevent Them From Returning

The 10 Ways To Cut Cords And Prevent Them From Returning aims to provide the best ways to remove and prevent non-serving negative cords from reattaching effectively.

I have been practising the cutting of non-serving etheric cords for many years. I have found that the following methods are the most effective at not only non-serving etheric cord removal but also in keeping them away.  

What Are Etheric Cords?

Before we look at the ten ways to cut cords and prevent them from returning, I wanted to highlight some essential characteristics of etheric cords and how and why they may form. As etheric cords often attach at your energy bodies (aura, chakras etc.), they are subject to change. Not all etheric cords are negative. This means that etheric sords can go from being favourable to non-serving and from non-serving to positive. Etheric cords can also reappear as cord-cutting does not mean that in one cord cutting removal exercise, they will not come back.

Etheric cords are not static. They connect you with the world and things around you through interaction and the energetic dynamics within you. This means that if you think about someone or something or feel an emotion about someone or something, it is very likely a cord will attach.

An Example

Sarah goes into a store and purchases some groceries. At the checkout, the cashier does not acknowledge Sarah, which upsets her. Sarah has solid ideas about customer care. She leaves the shop and becomes more and more enraged at her treatment. All the way home, Sarah relives the situation. She even starts to embellish what happened with things she wished she had said and begins to plan revenge by wanting to report the cashier as payback for making her feel so bad.

In this example, if Sarah had spoken her truth and expressed her expectations, she may have avoided a negative etheric cord as she would have felt more empowered. However, as she did not do this and instead allowed the intense emotions of rage, anger, revenge and storytelling, she inadvertently not only kept the cord in place but also strengthened it further. The interesting thing in this example is that initially, it seems that it was the cashier who corded Sarah with a negative cord. However, it was Sarah who created and strengthened the non-serving cord. It is essential to remember that non-serving cords work in two directions both from and to you, so be mindful of who you are cording also.

The 10 Ways To Cut Cords And Prevent Them From Returning will look at both directions of cording.

10 Ways To Cut Cords And Prevent Them From Returning

1. Forgive

This is undoubtedly the number one cause of repetitive non-serving cording that I see. You will never be able to cut non-serving cords if you do not forgive. If you hold any emotion or thought that blames, hates or seeks revenge, you will inadvertently be cording the person or thing that you don’t want. It is almost always you who will be doing the cording also, so it is essential to always start with forgiveness. Forgiveness And The Thymus Chakra gives an easy to follow exercise to help with forgiveness.

2. Avoid Drama

The second most common cause for non-serving cords is living in, and entertaining drama. Energetically drama is a chaotic energy, which is not able to bring peace or balance. Due to this if you have chaotic energy around you caused by drama, you will not be able to maintain healthy etheric cords. Why Being A Drama Queen Is Bad For Your Well-being explains this in more detail.

3. Avoid Storytelling

This may sound similar to drama, but actually, it is more about constructing stories (non-truths or lies) about people around you and also about yourself. This is also a common reason why non-serving cords attach, which is highlight by Sarah’s action in the example above. Storytelling not only binds you to the non-truths but also binds you to others and things through the non-serving cords that this creates. As I am sure you can imagine, it becomes very easy to feel stuck and drained when indulging in storytelling.

4. Karate Chop

Karate chopping is a wonderful way to remove cords quickly. Do a quick karate chop over and across your solar plexus chakra. While doing this hold the intention that all non-serving cords be removed. This exercise works as most non-serving cords tend to attach at and around the solar plexus from normal daily activities.

5. Meditation and Visualisation

If you are already practising meditation, it is super easy to include a non-serving cord cutting visualisation into this. Before you complete your meditation, use your intention to cut the non-serving cords and feel them releasing. Use visualisation to see this happening and the areas where they may have attached, and then removed, healed and sealed. You can use this visualisation anywhere, and you do not necessarily need to be meditating.

6. Intention and Action

Clear intention to have all non-serving etheric cords cut is enough to achieve this. You may like to do this regularly throughout the day; although I find it is best to not over-focus on this as if you become obsessed with non-serving cord removal, you may start to create them. It is probably best to start by doing it as you feel the need. I have also included action, as intention will not work effectively without action. So think about what you can do to clear and prevent non-serving cords and then do it.

7. Avoid Non-Serving People and Environments

It goes without saying that if you surround yourself with people and things that are not in your higher benefit or drain you, you will be putting yourself in a position for possible cording. Be mindful of the places you frequent also. The top places to be aware of are public transport, offices, bars, and clubs. Of course, you may not be able to avoid all of these places, but this list may help you be preemptively aware so you can deal with any resulting cording.

8. Stop Thinking About Them

If you have been corded and or are trying to break a non-serving cord with someone specifically, it is essential to try and stop thinking and talking about them. Thought and communication are energies, and it may make it more difficult to break any non-serving cords. This may not be easy to achieve initially, especially in the case of an ex. Take your time and keep up with regular cord-cutting.

9. Do Not Investigate, Follow Up or Stalk

You will never be able to cut non-serving cords with someone if you are actively (emphasis on action) seeking out someone and keeping tabs on them. If you have the intention to break non-serving cords, but your actions contradict this, you will not be able to cut the non-serving cord, and you run the risk of actually strengthening it.

10. Raise Your Vibration

When you raise your vibration, you reduce non-serving energies within your energy bodies. It also strengthens them and increases vitality, well-being, and personal power. This all leads to feeling stronger within yourself, which helps avoid many of the points listed. You can raise your vibration in many different ways with the emphasis on preventing low vibration energies (fear, unforgiveness, repetitive thoughts, processed foods, certain chemicals, etc.). Focus on increasing your vitality by eating well, focusing on love and acceptance and letting go of the past.

Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement

Energy healing may also be beneficial at not only cutting cords but maintaining healthy ones. If you would prefer to learn an energetic exercise yourself, then you may be interested in the Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement. This attunement not only aims to cut non-serving cords but also helps maintain the optimal functioning of positive cords.

You may also be interested in the following etheric cord cutting attunements that may help cut negative cords and support healthy cords.


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