7 Signs Your Ego Is Creating Your Reality

In the blog post, What Is Your Ego And What Does It Do?, I discussed that the ego presents to you a reality that it creates based on past events. This is why your reality is an illusion if looked at through the ego. The 7 Signs Your Ego Is Creating Your Reality shows you 7 signs that you can check and see if your reality and truth is based on your ego - an illusion. It will help you be clearer on what may be your truth or not.

The ego will always seek to reaffirm the reality it presents to you.

When you embark on a journey of self-development, healing and discovery, it is important always to do what is right for you. However, in the beginning, knowing what is right for you can be challenging. This is why it is important to know what is an illusion (ego) and what is not. The 7 Signs Your Ego Is Creating Your Reality aims to help you in this process.

7 Signs Your Ego Is Creating Your Reality

  1. You must always be right, and everyone else is wrong.
  2. Defending a belief that you know is not correct.
  3. You create and maintain many grievances and are reactive to them.
  4. Resentment and continuously complain about it.
  5. Make truths that are not based on reality.
  6. Drama! You create and entertain drama.
  7. Position yourself above others. (Fame)

You may notice a pattern emerges from the above list. The ego will always seek to reaffirm the reality it presents to you. Each of these signs will do this. If you look a little deeper, they also seek to separate you from the world around you which is driven by fear. Can a reality formed from separation and fear ever be a good thing?

The truth is not absolute, and changes with a shift in perception (What Does Truth Mean?). When you try and be right all the time, you are trying to validate the reality your ego is presenting to you. I think this is an important point to remember when embarking on your journey of self-development and healing. Never hold any teaching you receive or information you consume as absolute truth. If you continue to grow this truth may change with a shift in your perception - revealing another truth. This is how you grow and develop. When you hold the truth to be absolute, you will feed your ego and prevent yourself from growing and healing.


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