Are Twin Flames Always Romantic?

Are Twin Flames Always Romantic?

To answer the question are twin flames always romantic, we need to know what a twin flame is. You will find many variations of the definition of a twin flame depending on who you ask. I think a twin flame is a spiritual partner that you have agreed to meet in this lifetime to achieve something together on a spiritual level. In many ways, the term twin flame is very misleading.

Are Twin Flames Always Romantic?

With this in mind, it doesn't necessarily mean that a twin flame relationship has ever to be a romantic relationship. In fact, in most cases, it is not a romantic relationship. Partnerships can mean anything from romantic, friendship, acquaintance, stranger or even an enemy. They are not always going to be the opposite sex, either. The emphasis is on spiritual, so any partnership is valid and does not mean it must be romantic or 'the one'. You have many twin flames and not just one.

I don't believe twin flames are part of your soul, which was lost or deliberately separated, making you incomplete. You are a complete spiritual being in your own right. Nothing is missing, and nothing is required to make you complete in any way whatsoever.

More often than not, a twin flame is a spiritual partnership that takes the form of friendship, connection or experience with someone that brings about profound internal discoveries and change. These are connections where you learn valuable life lessons that change your life. After all, this is why you agreed to meet in this lifetime, to help each other learn and grow.

So where does the idea come from that twin flames must be 'the one' in a romantic sense? In short, it comes from social programming. Look at the TV you view, the books and magazines you read, the commercials you consume and the movies you watch. You are bombarded with images and stories of what to expect and how to act. Girls are taught that they should get married to their one and only. There is a strong emphasis on fairy stories where they are saved by someone (knight in shining armour) who is stronger than them who will protect and keep them safe. Boys are told to be strong and to provide for their partners with no emphasis on taking care of their own emotional and mental well-being. Thankfully these damaging and out of date views are slowly changing.

Unfortunately, in spiritual circles, these views are perpetuated. Probably the most contradictory and defamatory view is that twin flames must be the opposite sex and gay people do not have twin flames. This view perpetuates hate and contradicts what it is to be one with all. Think about that for a moment; it is saying that we are all one except for gay people. This damaging and shaming view strengthens division and separation, the complete opposite of what it is to be a lightworker. Don't accept hate speech, always question where it comes from and stand up against it. If a belief expresses that it excludes others as they are broken, incomplete or not part of the spiritual community, this belief can't be correct. There should be no place for hate, division and separation in the lightworker community. Oneness means one with all - there are no exceptions.

Always Look Inwards

I am surprised at how often the concept of a twin flame comes up in conversation. I am frequently asked: 'Where is my twin flame? Is this person my twin flame? When will I meet my twin flame?

When you look at the energies around these questions, it reveals a need to feel complete within yourself. It suggests that you can only be complete when you find something outside of yourself. If you scratch a little deeper, it often reveals a more deep-seated need to relinquish control of your life or not take responsibility for your actions and path. Put more directly; you can't achieve your fulfilment unless you find someone who is 'perfect' to make you complete.

Question Your Thoughts, Views, And Actions

Whether or not you agree with this, the most important thing to do is to question. Question your thoughts, views, and actions. Don't accept what you have been programmed to think or told how to act. Question your beliefs and thoughts. Are you happy with the box you are in? Are you happy to be told what is possible for you? Accept nothing unless you have relentlessly questioned what is right for you.

Often working to clear the subconscious of any non-serving thought patterns concerned with twin flames or feeling incomplete, is a good starting point. Then you may be interested in attunements that focus on relationships and personal

Twin Flame Connections Maintenance Attunement

If you want to attract and work with your twin flames for spiritual growth and discoveries, then you may want to consider the Twin Flame Connections Maintenance Attunement. This attunement works with the understanding of what a twin flame is as described in this blog post.


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