Can You Mix Different Types Of Reiki Together?

A common question I am asked is can you mix different types of Reiki together? This question can be used for any type of healing modality. There are hundreds of different types of Reiki currently available, and it is sometimes assumed that mixing or combing different Reiki energies may cause issues or even stop a different kind of energy from working. So, can you mix different types of Reiki together?

Can You Mix Different Types Of Reiki Together?

Have you heard of the expression 'we are all one'? What this means is that energetically we are all the same. As an example, the energies of the sun are in you, and your energies are part of the suns. You have the energies of Reiki in you, and your energies are part of Reiki even without being attuned to Reiki - it is already part of you. You actually can't separate energy as we are all one :)

With this in mind, Reiki is a band of healing frequencies (it is not a complete band of healing energies, only a small section of it). Imagine that you are using an old radio to tune into a radio station called Reiki. You turn the dial until you hear the broadcast on that set frequency - Radio Reiki. This is what you are doing when practising Reiki, just tuning into the frequency of Reiki.

Now the other types of Reiki all have different frequency bands - some expand on the Usui Reiki, and some focus more on a specific Reiki frequency. So when you mix different types of Reiki, all you are doing is expanding the frequency band of healing energies. The benefit of this is that you are increasing the possible healing frequencies, which is not as limiting as just Reiki. 

Now that you know you can mix different types of Reiki together, how do you know which attunements to activate? How do you use multiple attunements in a treatment?




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