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How Long Do Attunement Energies Flow For Once Activated?

How Long Do Attunement Energies Flow For Once Activated?

A common, yet necessary question asked is how long do attunement energies flow for once activated. There are two answers to this question. This will depend on how you activate the energies of the attunement and the situation.

How Long Do Attunement Energies Flow For Once Activated?

There are two main ways to activate the energies of an attunement. If you activate the energies of an attunement and allow the energies to flow, this will typically last for a few minutes under typical situations (if not otherwise stated in the attunements manual). This assumes that you have just activated the energies and not set a specific intention for the time frame of the energies to flow.

A typical situation means the times when you are calm, relaxed and in an environment that is conducive to energy healing. If you are not calm, focused or in an environment that is energetically dense, chaotic or otherwise not suitable to remain calm then you may need to use your intention to program the length of time you require the energies to flow. You may not perceive the energies due to the situation; however, if your intention is clear and specific, the energies will flow in alignment with your intention.

As an example, you may want additional energetic protection while commuting into work on public transport. This is not an environment that you would ordinarily choose to do energy healing, but there is still a requirement. You may want to activate an energetic protective shield to assist in keeping your aura clear of nonserving energies. It might be helpful to activate the attunement and set the intention that the shield is in place, particularly during the entire time you are commuting and then the remainder of the day.

If you are working with clients and require the energies to flow for the entire scheduled session, then you can set your intention to achieve this. I like to activate the energies using both ways of activation. I activate the attunement and let the energies flow and do what is required and then set an intention in addition to this to match the client's requirements or time constraints. This gives an easier to manage session and provides the best energetic potential for the client.


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