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How To Accept A Chi Ball Attunement

How To Accept A Chi Ball Attunement

Accepting your chi ball attunement is a straightforward process. It aims to connect you with the attunement's energies.

The process requires a few minutes to clear your mind, be calm, relax, and have no distractions. How you achieve this space will be as unique as you are. However, the following suggestions may be helpful.

You can use these suggestions to accept any type of attunement. This includes receiving custom Potential Attunements.

It should be noted that chi ball attunements are not audio attunements. This is because they do not include an audio file. Instead, you should follow the following suggestions to accept your attunement.

How To Accept A Chi Ball Attunement

The first thing to do is to request that I prepare your chi ball attunement via email. Once prepared, I will email you back confirming the attunement is ready for you to accept.

If you have purchased multiple attunements, I recommend requesting all your attunements be prepared at the same time. Attunements do not lose any effect or power over time.

Start considering which attunement you want to accept first. There is generally no wrong way of doing this. Always follow your intuition.

If you have purchased multiple attunements, you should leave at least a day or so between accepting each attunement.

Attunement Preparation

It is essential to prepare for your attunement acceptance. Preparation sets the energetic scene and sharpens your intention.

When you are clear about what you want to achieve, the energies will flow and manifest. This is a fundamental part of energy healing.

There are a few things you can prepare to set the stage for a successful attunement.


At its core, the attunement process is simple. The most important thing is to set your intention to accept the attunement and have realistic expectations.

As long as you wholeheartedly want to accept the attunement and follow the intention statement below, you will receive your attunement.

Spirit Guides, Angels, and Energy Beings

If you work with spirit guides, angels, or other energy beings, it is essential not to give away your power.

Do not ask any being to directly assist with accepting an attunement. Receiving an attunement is between you and the energies you want to access.

If you allow other beings to influence the attunement process, you risk the energies being changed or manipulated.

You are a powerful energy being in your own right; you do not need another being to assist or facilitate spiritual practices.

Of course, asking for indirect energetic protection is fine, but don't allow a situation that may change energies, being given symbols that are not part of the attunement process, etc.

Create Sacred Space

Creating a calm, peaceful, and private space to accept your attunement is recommended to allow for clear intention to accept the attunement and make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Doing a quick space clearing of your space is also a recommend practice before accepting your attunement.

Choose a space where you will be uninterrupted for about half an hour. Remember to switch off devices that may distract or interrupt you, such as mobiles, landlines, computers, etc.

It would be best to dim the lights as harsh light may be distracting. If you choose to light candles or burn incense, ensure that they are in a safe position.

You can play gentle, relaxing music to add ambiance and energy. If you choose to play music, try and ensure the volume is low and there are no lyrics. Lyrics will pull you out of your relaxed state, which you want to avoid.

Body Position

Consider the position your body is in when accepting your attunement. For example, you may like to be seated or lying flat on a bed.

Choose a comfortable chair with good back and neck support if you prefer to sit.

You may also like to place your hands on each thigh with your palms facing upward. Although always ensure your hands are comfortable.

If you prefer to lie down on a bed, ensure that you support your neck and are comfortable.

Don't worry if you drift off to sleep as long as you have set your intention before accepting the attunement.

You must be comfortable and relaxed, so your position is a personal choice.

Accepting Your Attunement

When you are ready and comfortable, set your intention to accept the attunement (feel like you really want to accept the attunement).

You will find the exact wording to accept your attunement in your manual. However, the basic structure is as follows. Please state the following:

'I accept the limitless potential of the [NAME OF ATTUNEMENT - INCLUDE LEVEL IF APPROPRIATE].'

As an example, if you want to accept the Niemkaiha level 1 attunement, you will use the following wording:

'I accept the limitless potential of the Niemakaiha level 1 attunement.'

Set your intention to accept the attunement and relax and enjoy the experience, lasting between 5 - 10 minutes.

If you are visual, you can visualize the energies starting to fill your being from the inside out. The more you connect with the energies, the brighter your being glows and reaches out of you. Picture yourself shining like a star.

Your intention is more important than the intention statements provided. Think about accepting the attunement and feeling it with emotion; you will receive it in alignment with your intention.

Please use any language you feel most comfortable using.

You can say the intention statements either out loud or in your head.

When the attunement is complete, you may feel it end, or you might fall asleep during the attunement and wake up later.

If your attunement is shorter or longer than this, don't worry and embrace the experience. The attunement will be what you need at that moment.

Post Attunement

You are unique, meaning your attunement will be unique to you. This will be the case for every attunement you accept.

With this in mind, try not to compare your attunement experience or judge your experience.

Sensations, energies, and experiences are all subjective and unique to your current perspective.

You may have felt subtle vibrations and warmth and possibly heard ringing in your ears. While some may have perceived nothing.

This is entirely normal, and your attunement will be what is right for you. So please don't worry if you don't experience anything.

If you did not perceive your attunement, you might be interested in reading How Do I Know If My Attunement Worked?

Next Steps

Remember, an attunement is only the first step. You must now activate and use the energies as often as possible, at least daily or as instructed in the manual.

You can learn how to activate the energies by reading the How To Activate Energies Following A Chi Ball Attunement post. This information is also contained in your manual.

Working with the energies following the attunement is essential. An attunement only connects you to the energy; you must now work with the energy.

Look for any insights that may come up. Question each insight and look for discoveries and take action.

It is through taking action that the attunement makes progress, and you move forward.

You may find the 10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Distant Attunements of interest. These ten ways give you suggestions on how to work with the energy of the attunement.

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