How To Activate Energies Following Your Chi Ball Attunement

An attunement is only the first step in the process of activating and using the energies. The attunement permanently connects you to the energies, and yes, it may start a process of clearing and healing. However, you must use the energies once attuned to gain any potential benefit.

An attunement is not the destination, it is the start of a journey.

How To Activate Energies Following Your Chi Ball Attunement

Once you have accepted your attunement, it is highly recommended to activate the energies at least daily (or depending on what the manual instructs). This can usually be done very quickly through intention. What this means is that if you wholeheartedly want to use the energies and focus on this the energies will flow. One of the easiest ways to use intention to activate the energies once attuned is by utilising an intention statement such as:

[NAME OF ATTUNEMENT] ON!’ or if there is a specific level you want to activate you can say [NAME OF ATTUNEMENT] level [STATE THE LEVEL] ON!’ 

Once you have used your intention statement focus on the flow of energy and truly want this. The energies will flow.

Most attunements must be activated regularly over days, weeks, months and sometimes even years depending on what you want to achieve. Attunements are energetic support tools, so need to be worked with regularly.

If you want to activate the energies for someone else, then hold the intention to do so, focus on the person you want to send the energy to and say something like:


When sending energy to someone, please always gain consent before doing so.

Your intention is more important than the statements provided. Think about activating the energies and feel it with emotion, and the energies will activate in alignment with your intention. Please use any language you feel most comfortable in using. You can say the intention statements either out loud or in your head.

Some attunements use symbols, meditations etc. to activate the energies of the attunement. If this is the case, you will find details on how to use these methods in the manual provided with your attunement although intention will always be an essential aspect of activating energies.

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