Recommended Time Between Accepting Attunements

Distant attunements are very popular. This, in part, is due to ease and the large selection of distant attunements that are available. Choosing distant attunements often means that you can focus on a variety of multiple attunements at once. Or you may select an energy healing system that has multiple attunements within the system. With this in mind, once you have chosen which attunement to accept first, what is the recommended time between accepting attunements?

Recommended Time Between Accepting Attunements

As a rule of thumb, at least a day should be considered a minimum amount of time to leave between accepting each attunement. There are exceptions to this rule of thumb when a specific system may give its own recommended time frame. If you purchase attunements from Blissful Light, I will always provide the recommended time between attunements to make an informed decision.

Why Have Time Between Accepting Attunements

There are some reasons why you should consider leaving time between accepting attunements:

Ensure you accepted the attunement properly.

If you accept multiple attunements simultaneously, it becomes difficult to be sure you accepted each attunement properly. When you accept multiple attunements simultaneously, you tend to bring in lots of different energies, where some may overpower the more subtle energies, making it less likely to be sure of their acceptance.

Reduce overwhelming your energy bodies.

When you accept multiple attunements at the same time, there is the possibility of bringing in a lot of energy all at the same time. When this happens, the energies may overwhelm your energy bodies, especially the auric layers. Depending on the energies you have accepted, you may find that particular auric layers stretch and then ‘flop’ back inwards when the energies subside. I call this ‘energy flop’. Energy flop may leave you feeling depleted while the auric layers recover.

Allow the energies to integrate correctly.

Once you have accepted your attunement, the energies merge with your energy bodies. This takes time to occur. As the energies integrate into your energies and energy bodies, you may experience the removal of negative energies, your energy bodies may change, or your energies may raise in vibration - depending on the attunements you accepted. This process takes time. If you do not give yourself enough time, you may reduce the benefits of this integration period.

Time to familiarise yourself with the energies.

It is essential to be familiar with the energies you have just attuned yourself. An attunement is there to connect you to or remind you of the energies you have attuned yourself. It is important to be consciously aware of and familiar with these energies - which is the whole point of having an attunement.

Practice and master the system.

After becoming familiar with the energies, it is also important to practice using the energies and system. You should no rush this, as mastery will only occur if you practice using the system and fully experience the energies over time. It is unlikely this will happen from just accepting the attunement; you need to use it - and like everything in life, the more you use something, the better the results.

This Is Not Set In Stone

Time limits aim to prevent any non-serving effects and ensure you get the most out of the attunement's energies and teachings. Saying this, they are just recommendations. You are a unique being, so the best time frames between accepting attunements will be individual to you. If you feel you want to reduce the time frames, then you should, but you must balance this with the points mentioned above. There may be a trade-off, so you should be comfortable with this.

I am a firm believer that you are the one who should be in control of your spiritual progression and healing journey. There are no mistakes, just learning opportunities. This is why I like to give recommendations and ensure you have the relevant information to make informed decisions.

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