What Are Auric Attachments?

What Are Auric Attachments?

Find out what auric attachments are, how do you get them and how to get rid of them.

AuraIs Energetic Shielding Harming You?

Is Energetic Shielding Harming You?

I am often met with amazement when I tell a client that I can see they practice energetic shielding. Unfortunately, I tend to know this by looking at their damaged auras. Excessive energetic protec...

AuraHow To Read Your Aura

How To Read Your Aura

When you search how to read your aura (Why Do We Have An Aura?) online, you typically get the same old repetition of what you must see and what it invariably means. Usually, this is in the form of ...

AuraWhy Do We Have An Aura?

Why Do We Have An Aura?

The aura in a general sense is an energy field that permeates and surrounds your physical body. The aura is made up of distinct layers in much the same way as an onion has layers that extend out fr...