What Is Energetic Protection?
Energetic Protection

What Is Energetic Protection?

Understanding energetic protection requires knowing what drains your energy and how best to approach it.

Distant AttunementsTop Energetic Protection Attunements

Top Energetic Protection Attunements

Top selection of safe energetic protection attunements covering different aspects of energetic protection.

AuraWhat Are Auric Attachments?

What Are Auric Attachments?

Find out what auric attachments are, how do you get them and how to get rid of them.

Energetic ProtectionWhat Is A Psychic Attack And How To Protect Yourself

What Is A Psychic Attack And How To Protect Yourself

Understanding what a psychic attack is and how to protect yourself are essential aspects of energy healing.

Distant AttunementsAttunements And The Importance Of Short Lineages

Attunements And The Importance Of Short Lineages

Having short attunement lineages is essential for safe and effective energy healing practice.

Energetic ProtectionProtecting Your Energy Healing Practices

Protecting Your Energy Healing Practices

One of the joys of energy healing and spiritual development work is that there is an unlimited way of practising, creating or discovering. You are a unique being who will practice and discover uniq...

Energetic ProtectionEnergy Healing And Permanence

Energy Healing And Permanence

Energy healing and permanence or having constant energies is a topic that comes up from time to time. It is an interesting topic area as you are a dynamic energy being (doesn’t that sound great!). ...

DefinitionsWhat is an energy healing etheric feedback cord?

What Is An Energy Healing Etheric Feedback Cord?

Etheric cords are energetic structures that enable two objects to communicate with each other energetically. Most etheric cords are positive and allow for stronger bonding, empathy and feeling conn...

DefinitionsWhat Is An Entity?

What Is An Entity?

Since working in energy healing and spiritual development for many years, discussions about entities will come up every week. Most commonly, clients want to know how to remove them or protect thems...

AngelsTop Angel Protection Attunements

Top Angel Protection Attunements

Developing energetic connections with the angels and angelic realms may provide some of the most supportive and healing energies and spiritual relationships. Angel healing is a very popular area of...