Two Ways To Channel The Energies Of An Attunement

Intention is everything when it comes to activating the energies of an attunement. Your intention directs the energies to work towards the desired result. When you activate and channel the energies of attunement, the energies will be unique to you. This brings about infinite possibilities which are very exciting. However, there are two ways to channel the energies of an attunement that are most common.

Two Ways To Channel The Energies Of An Attunement

When working with energies, your intention is vital. It is essential to ensure your intention is always clear, especially when channelling energies following activating and attunement. With this in mind, here are two ways to channel the energies of an attunement.

1 - Go with the flow

Allow the energies to flow naturally with intention to do so - this allows the receiver to receive the energies they need at that time. You can do this by activating the energies of an attunement and let the energies flow. This is your primary intention. You effectively activate the energies and step back and let the energies take over and do what is required. The main advantage of this is that the energies will provide what is needed at that point. It takes away any guesswork on your part.

As an example, if you wanted to activate Kundalini Seichim and let the energies flow, you may want to use the following intention statement:

'Kundalini Seichim ON!'

2 - Specific intention

Select the energies you require and activate them. Then set your intention to direct the energies to do something in particular or focus on something specific This can be vague or highly specific depending on the situation. The benefit of this is that you can get very specific and quickly. It may reduce the time a session requires if you are successful in setting the specific intention correctly.

Using Kundalini Seichim as an example again, if you wanted to be more specific, such as perform an aura cleaning, you may want to use the following intention statement:

'Kundlaini Seichim for aura clearing ON!'

Both ways of channelling the energies are valid, and both have their advantages. I usually use both ways in a session. I always allow energies to flow as they are required as this will give the best coverage. It also allows for anything hidden to be uncovered or reached by the energies. I then like to be specific and focus on any issues I am aware of or requires something specific.

All attunement that I create, including the maintenance attunements, work with both ways of channelling the energies of an attunement. This allows for the most flexibility in use and gives a better potential outcome.

I would mention that if you are channelling energies with intention, you must ensure you do not limit the outcome. Always ensure your intention allows for the energies to work in a way that can provide the results you require, but flexible enough to show you if these results are not limiting or causing more harm than good. An example of this is focusing on a job you think you want, but ultimately is not on your path and may cause more problems than it solves in the long run.


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