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What Are Chi Ball Attunements?

What Are Chi Ball Attunements?

One of the most well-known types of distant attunements are Chi Ball Attunements. Understanding what they are is an essential aspect of energy healing over distance.

What Are Chi Ball Attunements?

A Chi Ball Attunement is a type of attunement that is prepared in advance so that you can accept and receive the attunement whenever is best for you once it has been prepared. It does not require a timed appointment.

Chi Ball Attunements connect you to the energies of an energy healing modality over distance so you can use and access these energies in the future whenever you wish.

An attunement is a process, similar to an easy-to-do meditation, that connects you to the energies of the attunement you have purchased.

Once you connect with the energies (Chi Ball Attunements are not audio attunements; they do not include an audio file), you can reaccess the energies in the future whenever you want.

You do not need to reattune to the attunement energies, as this is a one-time process.

The chi ball method primally uses an energy ball to place energies into. Chi is another word for energy, so a chi ball means an energy ball.

This energetic ball of white light is the container for the attunement you want to create and allow someone to accept.

At its simplest level, the Chi Ball Attunement process uses an intention statement to create an etheric ball of light.

Once the intention is set, you can activate and place the energies of the attunement you want to make into the chi ball.

Chi Ball Attunements are one of the most popular types of distance attunements due to their effectiveness (just as effective as in-person and timed attunements), user flexibility, and avoidance of time zone issues.

The beauty of the Chi Ball Attunement is the potential of accepting the attunement when the time is right for you or when your intuition guides you as opposed to being held by a pre-scheduled appointment time.

hand holding a ball of light energy
Chi Ball Attunements are sometimes perceived as balls of light energy.

Chi Ball Variations

There are many different variations of Chi Ball Attunements.

For example, a Reiki Chi Ball is a form of a Chi Ball created by a Reiki master to pass on Reiki attunements.

Therefore, the Reiki Chi Ball can be seen as an energetic ball of Reiki energy that contains a Reiki attunement.

You can also use the chi ball method to give distant Reiki sessions by an experienced Reiki practitioner.

Next Steps

Chi Ball Attunements are one of the many different types of attunements available. They are a great way to receive distant attunements while giving lots of flexibility.

If you are new to attunements and energy healing, read the blog post New to attunements? Start here, which has lots of information to get you started.

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