What Are Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements?

Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements add dynamic energetic connections to maintenance attunements. They are straightforward to use and designed to activate with intention and come with 35 built-in functions to access and activate energies quickly.

Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements focus on the energetic connections and the structured way in which to access and use the energies combined with the benefits of maintenance attunements. They do not provide detailed information on the specific dynamic connection. This is because these attunements are for those who already have some knowledge of the topic area, and are wanting to enhance their connection in an easy, yet structured way, if required. It is assumed, therefore, that you have knowledge of the topic area and want to work with the energies.

Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements are open-ended, which means you will always have access to all the energies of the dynamic connection. As an example, if you were working with the Dynamic Dragon Connections Maintenance Attunement, you would have access to all dragons, even the ones who are new to humankind at any time in the future.

Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements are beautiful additions to any energy healing treatments you may provide yourself or others. They are easy to combine with other energies and can be as specific or general as required.

What does dynamic mean?

Dynamic, as referred to in these attunements, mean that the energies will always match your requirements. You will receive the energies of the connection you need at the time you activate them. This may be in a general sense, or you can be very specific.

As an example, if you are working with the Dynamic Ethereal Crystal Connections Maintenance, you can activate the energies of all crystals, or you can choose the energies of a specific crystal to activate. Once you decide what you want to activate, you can then activate the energies in a general sense, or you can be very specific such as focusing on a crystals qualities or activating one or more of the 35 built-in functions.

Potential Benefits of Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements

Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements build on the benefits of maintenance attunements and include the following:

  • Dynamic energetic connections.
  • Activated by intention.
  • Always receive the energies you require.
  • Open-ended.
  • Raise your vibration.
  • Energetically safe.
  • Only connects with benevolent light energies.
  • General or precise energetic activation.
  • 35 built-in functions for ease.
  • Excellent addition to any energy healing work.
  • Combines easily with any energy healing practices.
  • Create energetic sequences with other maintenance attunements.
  • Includes all potential benefits of maintenance attunements.

Recommended Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements

There is a wide range of Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements to choose from, all with the same benefits and energetic structures mentioned above. I would recommend the following Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements due to their versatility in energy healing treatments:

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