What Are Energetic Imprints?

What are energetic imprints?

Energetic imprints are energetic structures that are typically associated with negative energies.

Removing energetic imprints is part of negative energy clearing and is typically done regularly. Energetic imprint removal is a fundamental part of energy healing practice.

What Are Energetic Imprints?

Energetic imprints are energetic structures created when there is a strong release of mental or emotional energy.

The energy imprint is a memory or recording of the energies that create it, often following a traumatic event or strong negative emotion release.

The energetic imprints repeatedly replay the energies associated with the memory in a continuous loop.

The replay of energies has the potential to strengthen the imprint.

It can be challenging to be aware of imprints because you may need more time to perceive the energies before they repeat themselves.

Energetic imprints, sometimes called spiritual imprints, are subtle energy and should not be mistaken for energetic implants.

Imprints are found in the area where they were created. There are three main imprint sites:

  • Location (house, room, street, etc.)
  • People (in your aura)
  • Objects (money, second-hand goods, food, etc.)

Energetic Imprints From Locations

Imprints are often energetic memories of the events that created them. You can sometimes feel the past events as being stuck, continuously playing out in the energetics of the location.

In many ways, imprints are energetic structures that record the energies that created them and the event that led to their creation. Imprints then continuously release these energies into the environment around them and replay the memories.

When you visit a location or particular place that has intense imprinting, it is possible that these non-serving energies then ‘stick’ to your energy bodies.

The imprints have the potential to replay the memories within your energies, which can leave you feeling energetically subtly confused, drained, and agitated.

Energetic Imprints From People

Sometimes when you are around people who have intense energy or are emotional or thinking non-serving things, these people’s energy can imprint into your energy bodies.

The imprints are a memory of the energies that created them and may contain the thoughts that contributed to their creation. But, again, these energies are subtle and will not exert control over you.

Some imprints from people will be pretty clear where they came from as often you will know when the imprint is occurring. However, sometimes it will be far more subtle than this, and you won’t know whose energies have imprinted on you.

Typically energetic implants from people will be found in your energy field, often the very outer layers of the aura.

Energetic Imprints From Objects

Any object that is subject to intense emotional or mental release may have the potential to have negative imprints.

Typically, these objects are essential to the person who imprints them as this seems to intensify the imprint.

Any object can be imprinted, such as money, antiques, second-hand books, jewelry, etc.

Naturally, older objects have more potential to be imprinted than new ones. Still, even new things can be imprinted during the manufacturing process, transport, handling, etc.

How To Remove Energetic Imprints

There are several different ways to remove energetic imprints. The first step is to identify which type of imprint you want to clear (location, person, or object).


You can remove energetic imprints with clear intention; however, this may take time for strong imprinting. In addition, the older the imprinting, the longer it may take to clear the residual energy left by the negative imprint.

Hold a clear intention to clear the imprint and bring in positive energy. An energy healing statement such as ‘I clear all negative energetic imprints and bring in positive, supportive energies!’ would work perfectly.

Using your intention can be used to remove any energetic imprint.


Attunements aim to provide easy-to-use energy healing tools.

If you work with attunements, consider the Imprint Removal Maintenance Attunement. This attunement can be used on any energetic imprint.

The free Negative Energy Clear And Cleanse Empowerment is designed to remove negative energetic imprints from objects.

The Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement is a beautiful attunement to consider to clear imprints from your home.

Space Clearing

Space clearing is the process of removing negative energies from your home or location. This includes removing imprints.

Completing a space clearing is easy with your intention alone. We also provide a space clearing service if you prefer someone to do the space clearing for you.


Removing energetic imprints is an easy process that should be part of your regular energy healing practices.

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