What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are probably the most well known of all etheric libraries. There are a vast amount of different etheric libraries, each with a slightly different approach to record storing and may be stored by different beings. There are faery libraries, dragon libraries, star seed libraries etc. to name just a few. What Are The Akashic Records?

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an etheric library in the etheric realms. They are said to contain all records of human events, emotions, thoughts, actions etc. The Akashic Records are a huge, complicated and extensive field of study. It may require many years of learning and practice to read and assimilate the information they contain.

You may be able to reduce non-serving energies and consequences from cause and effect by clearing non-serving energies and cleansing the records. It may also be able to clear non-serving energies associated with recorded events, which may be able to reduce suffering and unnecessary repetition of trauma and repetitive behaviour.

If you are interested in ensuring your Akashic Records are well maintained and cleared of any non-serving energies, then you may want to consider the Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement.

Other Etheric Libraries

Etheric libraries are energetic constructs that record and store etheric records of beings, events, emotions, thoughts etc. They can be viewed as vast libraries within the etheric realms. Each library will be slightly different due to what is recorded, who created the library and who maintains it.

With this in mind, specific etheric libraries may be more appropriate depending on what you want to access depending on what it contains. As an example, if you wish to access records of humans, then the Akashic Records would be an excellent place to start. If you wanted to access knowledge about mysteries or the dynamics of the unfolding universe, then you may want to access the faery or angelic libraries.

If you are interested in ensuring that all your etheric libraries are well maintained and cleared of any non-serving energies, then you may want to consider the Etheric Libraries Maintenance Attunement.


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