What Does Healing Mean?

What Does Healing Mean?

Energy healing focuses on healing through the use of subtle energies. At its core, energy healing is simple; you access subtle energies to bring about positive changes. However, what does the definition of healing mean in the context of energy and spiritual healing?

What Does Healing Mean?

Healing, in an energetic and spiritual sense, is the active process that aims to bring you back to your already whole energetic self. It seeks to bring back your energies and energy bodies into alignment with your truth.

Healing focuses on the spiritual level, where you can aim to bring balance, alignment, and realignment. When you work on the spiritual level, you may be able to bring about positive outcomes to your outer world and inner peace.

While considering the past and spiritual dynamics, spiritual healing always grounds itself in the present moment. This means that while past lives, karma, etc., may impact you now, they do not inherently prevent you from achieving your full potential in this life.

When you work on bringing back balance and alignment, often through energetic clearing of blockages, spiritual practice or even chakra clearing, you must continuously learn from any experiences and challenges.

Spiritual development requires gaining discoveries and insights, which help in the healing process and being able to move forward.

Healing Is Not A Miracle Or Cure

Healing does not promise or allude to any immediate or possible cure in the sense of a miracle.

One of the biggest misconceptions of energy healing is the idea it can provide miracles. This is not the function or intention of energy healing.

Healing is the spiritual process of gaining discoveries and bringing yourself back into alignment with your truth. A miracle would prevent this from occurring, as no action would be taken, and you would almost certainly not gain insights and discoveries.

Of course, seemingly spontaneous events may occur, but you still need to learn and discover from experiences.

Energy and spiritual healing focus on the spiritual level. It should never be used as a tool for medical diagnosis or treatment. Instead, energy healing is intended for spiritual development.

If you are unwell or suspect you may be ill, you must always seek proper medical diagnosis, care, and treatment before contemplating energy healing.

Energy healing is never a replacement for appropriate medical diagnosis or care. This includes, but is not limited to, seeking care from mental health professionals.

Healing Is An Active Process

Healing is an active process, often part of a spiritual practice, which requires your presence, participation, and commitment.

Healing may require significant changes, growth, and alignment both in your inner and outer worlds, which may require a long time, dedication and focus and still does not guarantee any outcome.

The healing process requires your willingness and active presence; it is not passive. To align with your truth, you may have to change how you think, act, and react. In addition, you will have to ask intimate and direct questions that may be uncomfortable and challenging.

As you live your life, you often stray from your truth in areas such as the jobs you do, relationships, where you live, what you believe, and how you act.

As a result, you may have to change things like where you live, who you share your life with, where you work, etc. Whatever does not build you up may need to be reevaluated.

Of course, healing will be a subjective experience and personal to you. It allows for significant variance, and there will never be any mistakes as long as you always learn from each discovery.

This is why energy healing is often referred to as the art of healing. You will discover and grow in a way that is unique to you.

Healing And Challenges

It is often through the challenges of moving forward and embarking on a healing journey of realignment that life starts to be created by you and not merely lived and tolerated. As a result, you may feel more vital, compassionate, and whole.

Challenges should be viewed as providing the next step in your personal development. You can't avoid life's challenges and suffering, but you can change your perspective.

Suppose you view challenges as potential catalysts for spiritual discoveries and growth, which they are. In that case, you tend to reduce the hardship. You may start to reduce fighting against life, and more growth opportunities present themselves.

Your personal experiences will be unique to you. No one, past, present, or future, will ever have your spiritual discoveries. It is for this reason that your insights are so important. They may never exist if you don't experience them.

Energy Healing And Healing

Energy healing is a practice that aims to access and direct subtle energies to assist you in healing. Therefore, you must understand and have realistic expectations of what energy healing may achieve.

While energy healing will not do the hard work of questioning and realigning your life, it aims to act as an energetic support in this process.

Attunements are easy-to-use energy healing tools. They aim to provide quick and easy access to subtle energies and teachings that may assist you on your spiritual journey.

The following attunements aim to offer easy-to-use, more all-rounded energy healing modalities that suit most types of energy healing support requirements:

Giving yourself regular energy healing treatments is an essential aspect of energy healing. This aims to ensure your energies are in better energetic balance and any issues can be worked on which may assist your spiritual and personal development.

However, there are times when having an energy healing treatment from someone else may be beneficial. This may be when you are working on a specific focus or want a general energetic touch-up.


Healing is the active process that aims to bring you back into alignment with your truth. It is the core of energy and spiritual healing and development.

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