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What Is Hekakaiha Energy?

What Is Hekakaiha Energy?

Hekakaiha (pronounced Heh Ka Kai Ha) is a profoundly transformative and advanced magical energy that aims to support and significantly enhance powerful magic, manifestation, protection and spiritual advancement.

Hekakaiha © is both an energy and energy healing modality depending on how you use the word.

Hekakaiha is a powerful and profoundly intricate, and expansive magical energy. These powerful energies aim to bring forth new benevolent magical connections while strengthening existing connections and practice.


Hekakaiha energy is magic. It is the magic of light in its true benevolent magical manifestation and connections. This magical energy is about intrinsic knowing. There is no set practice you can learn.

The energies are the primordial creative light magic that can conjure forth with profound enchantment and power. The web of creation is alive with the essence of these benevolent manifestational magic energies.


Hekakaiha is energetically protective, especially concerning energetic protection from magic, spells, and negative energy. The energies always focus on what is essential and not what may, on the surface, appear to be the issue. 

Destiny protection is the energetic protection of your life path, spiritual journey and ultimate learning opportunities. The energies of Hekakaiha work intensely on spiritual levels, intending to ensure you are always on the correct path.


The magical energies of Hekakaiha aim to bring forth new beginnings and abundance; they are manifestational in every way.

In addition, the energies aim to amplify manifestation and work with the alchemy of spiritual manifestation through the transmutation of lower vibrational energy.


Hekakaiha energy aims to accelerate spiritual development. The energies aim to assist in the forward movement of development, focusing on a high vibration and higher approach to spiritual awareness.

As you work with the energies, you may find that when you are ready, that new energetic pathway opens, clears, or reveals itself.

History Of Hekakaiha

I (Craig MacLennan, founder of Blissful Light) first experienced Hekakaiha energy as fleeting moments as an adolescent. These moments slowly became more palpable each time the energies came through. They had a deep familiarity, filled with divine love and power.

Years later, while touring the Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt, I gained an understanding of the underlying structures of the energies.

There have been numerous incarnations of these underlying energies. It has a strong connection with ancient Egypt, where part of its current name originates (Heka, the Egyptian God and the Heka, the power of magic). However, these energies have been accessed before these times by both past human civilizations and etheric star races.

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