What Is Karma?

What Is Karma?

Karma is typically presented as something complicated or difficult to understand. Additionally, I often work with clients who are so fearful of creating karma or being trapped in it, that they are unable to move forward. It is not the karma preventing them from moving forward; it is the deep inappropriate fear that binds them. Karma is not a punishment or something to fear, so what is karma? 

What Is Karma?

Karma is the law of cause and effect and means action. Everything that you do in your daily life (action) has energetic consequences, both positive or negative. The creation of karma is a normal occurrence, and it is part of everyday life. I want to stress this point; we all create karma. You can't avoid creating karma. You mustn't be afraid of creating karma as it is unavoidable.

What you can do though is to limit the creation of negative karma and find ways to neutralise these energies that you have already created. It’s a little bit like sweeping after you have made a mess. Everything that you do in life creates an energetic ripple effect just like when you throw a pebble into the ocean. In the same way, everything you do (thoughts, emotions, actions, etc.) in your everyday life creates a ripple effect throughout the universe. That is why it is essential to become conscious of your actions, feelings and intentions and the impact that they may have on others as we are all connected.

The feeling is one of the essential parts of creating karma as it amplifies your intention. When you deeply feel an emotion, it amplifies your intention. Your intentions have the power to create things, and if they are negative, you can cause a lot of energetic harm and negative karma.

Not all negative karma is equal and not all negative karma will affect you in the same way and with the same intensity. Some of your karma may not even be apparent, or it only works on a subconscious level, and therefore, you may not even be aware of it. Remember, you can't avoid creating karma.

To better understand karma, you must also realise the difference between good and bad and how you perceive it as that concept is often misunderstood. In reality, neither exists, but to have a focal point that everyone understands we tend to refer to something as either good or bad. What people often consider as a good act may not be good at all as they are merely operating from their egos and are feeding their egos through their actions. You will often find people who give to a charity who only do it to feel good about themselves or for mass recognition. In this case, the fact that they give to charity is creating negative karma as it is merely ego based and focused on self-gain. They only do it to feel good about themselves or to look good in the public eye. This creates negative karma for them. To reduce creating negative karma, you must learn to act selflessly like a mother who gives a present to her child to put a smile on its face.

Karma may cause emotional suffering and stress that you often have to live with for most of your life. Imagine a situation where you have done something that you later felt very guilty about, or it simply felt wrong. Often these types of situations overshadow your life and continue to drag on behind you. That guilt that you may be feeling about a specific past event or an occurrence can continue to cause a lot of stress in your life, to your emotional bodies, your etheric bodies and eventually affect your physical body which can result in possible stress-related conditions and illnesses.

Negative karma is created in many different ways such as through negative ego based actions, harmful intentions and negative thinking and feelings about yourself and others. If you are always thinking negatively about yourself and others, this creates negative karma. It can even be created through ill wishing on someone or delegating the conduct of harmful acts to be carried out by someone other than yourself.

Living your life entirely directed by your ego can cause a lot of stress in your life as you are continually wanting to do and achieve more and continuously trying to gain more out of life without just allowing yourself to be in the present moment. However, you can’t eliminate ego in this life either as you would cease to exist as the ego is what has brought you into your physical form. Therefore you should always seek the greatest possible balance that you can achieve in your life.

There is also a difference between conscious and unconscious karma since everything in our universe is mostly governed through intention. Therefore, if you have physically harmed someone but it happened purely by accident, the karma that you have accumulated may not be that great. Conscious karma as in a case of you consciously hurting or harming someone may be far more challenging to clear and heal compared to more unconscious karma which is the more common one. In the case of conscious negative karma, to better heal and clear it, you must first realise the harm we have done and feel genuine remorse for your actions. Merely trying to clear your bad karma just for the sake of it without you realising the harm that you had caused may not be fully possible until you understand what you have done.

Occasionally you will find that some karma even though it had been long cleared will keep being renewed or that certain occurrences in your life keep repeating themselves. This is due to you not learning and realising your lessons or due to you continuing with your old ways of life. Until you understand these lessons, you will keep attracting similar occurrences. Once you understand why certain events keep repeating themselves, you will be better able to make amends and heal and neutralise your negative karma.

Karma can't be avoided, but you can take action to reduce creating negative karma and clearing already created negative karma. Karma is part of being human; it is part of who you are, so do not fear it. Use karma as a tool to grow, move forward and discover new spiritual lessons.

Karma Clearing Maintenance Attunement

I created the Karma Clearing Maintenance Attunement to assist you in working with this understanding of karma. It aims to help you not only clear negative karma, but better understand why the negative karma was created in the first place and assist you in taking action to clear and prevent the creation of negative karma. It aims to provide a wonderful spiritual tool for spiritual and personal development.

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