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What Is Kundalini? (Awakening, Energy And Benefits)

What Is Kundalini? (Awakening, Energy And Benefits)

A few terms in energy healing and spirituality conjure ideas of mystical experience - terms, and concepts that seem to have different aspects depending on your viewpoint.

The concept of kundalini is one such term. A quick look-up on the internet will reveal many ideas, suggestions, and even terrible warnings about kundalini. So what is kundalini?

What Is Kundalini?

When you strip away the beliefs and views passed down from spiritual practitioners, at its very core, the kundalini is an energy body (structure).

The kundalini forms part of your subtle body along with your chakras, auric layers, and meridians. We all have a kundalini.

Within the kundalini energetic body, there is kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is the fundamental life force. While kundalini energy is often described and overhyped as being powerful, it is essential to be aware that it is still subtle energy.

This means that while the kundalini may bring a tremendous amount of energy, the energies are etheric. Therefore, Kundalini energy primarily focuses on spiritual practice and development, which are high vibration etheric energies and operate in high spiritual realms and higher consciousness.

Kundalini Movements

Like all other energy bodies, your kundalini can shift and move depending on your vibration and spiritual progression. Your kundalini starts roughly in the perineum area, between the genitals and the anus, and a little up towards the base of the spine.

As you grow spiritually or raise your vibration, the kundalini starts to move towards the base of your spine (root chakra or Muladhara Chakra) and then, with time, moves up along the spinal column until, eventually, it comes out of the crown chakra (the seventh chakra) at the top of the head.

The kundalini moves through the primary energy centers, bringing energy to the rest of the energy bodies.

When kundalini energy rises, it moves with the characteristics or movements of a serpent. However, it does not just move up the spine as a single unit. Instead, it flows more like many serpents up the spine.

What is Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini's awakening is a term that is a little misleading. Kundalini awaking is the awakening of kundalini energy. However, you already have active kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy is the fundamental life force energy that sustains your energy bodies. This energy is essential for life.

When kundalini awakening is referenced, it means to stimulate further the kundalini energy to expand, bring in more energy, and rise. It is the enhancement of your kundalini energy.

Signs Of A Kundalini Awakening

The following signs indicate you may be experiencing kundalini awakening. While your kundalini experience will be unique, these signs are also what you may expect when you decide to work with your kundalini energy.

  • Spiritual awakening.
  • Spiritual enlightenment.
  • Greater spiritual awareness.
  • Enhanced creative potential.
  • Spiritual journey.
  • Powerful spiritual experience.

Kundalini energy is healing, nurturing, and enlightening and may play an essential part in spiritual growth and development.

Although often overlooked, kundalini energy may also significantly impact strengthening and maintaining your sense of personal power. This may result in better energetic protection and the ability to be more clear about your life.

As there may be a huge volume of energy flowing due to your kundalini, you may experience a deep energetic clearing. Clearing energy blocks or blockages may help you let go of the past, gain positive changes and embrace your spiritual journey.

In addition, you may gain spiritual discoveries and achieve moments of enlightenment.

When the kundalini energy flows, your chakras may be activated. This allows the chakras to operate optimally and give off and receive vast amounts of energy.

You may experience better energetic balance and enhance your psychic development when this occurs. This may be partly due to activating the third eye and strengthening your inner power.

Not all kundalini awakening signs are due to kundalini awakening, though. The way kundalini awakening signs and symptoms are perceived may also be a mental, emotional or physical crisis or illness.

Therefore, it is imperative to consult a medical professional if you think you may be unwell or if your symptoms do not improve or increase, worsen and prevent you from living your everyday life.

Always consult a medical professional before considering energy healing. Energy healing does not replace medical care.

Is Kundalini Energy Dangerous?

Your kundalini holds kundalini energy, which is the fundamental life force that is within you. This primordial energy is what directs the kundalini to move in an upwards movement along the spine.

Depending on the origin or belief system, there are many interpretations of what kundalini is, how it moves and what its characteristics are.

As a result, most teachings warn of not opening the kundalini too fast, which has brought with it a certain amount of fear.

The vast majority of us already have kundalini activity, even if it is perceived as dormant kundalini energy. This naturally occurred without any deliberate stimulation while suffering no ill effect.

After all, Kundalini energy is the fundamental life force energy, so we would not be alive if it were not already active.

There is no danger in working with kundalini energies in a balanced way.

How To Awaken Your Kundalini

You can stimulate the kundalini in many different ways through breath, visualization, energy healing, raising your vibration, chanting, and other physical exercises practiced in yoga and tantra.


Rhythmically moving the physical body is a well-known and ancient practice stimulating kundalini. However, there are many different types of physical practice to consider, with yoga being the most popular and accessible to most.

Yoga uses specific physical postures to aid a healthy body and assist with spiritual development and well-being. There are many different yoga types, with hatha yoga and kundalini yoga being the most popular for kundalini awakening.

Kundalini yoga is a good start if kundalini activation is your primary focus. One of the goals of kundalini yoga is to start the gradual and controlled stimulation of your kundalini.

Other benefits of kundalini yoga are that it is also a very good physical workout. Make sure you only work with an experienced kundalini yoga instructor.

Yoga and kundalini awakening.

Energy Healing And Attunements

Energy healing is one of the most popular ways to work with your kundalini energies. This is partly due to the ease, flexibility, and choice of ways to work with energy healing.

Many different energy healing modalities and attunements may benefit kundalini awakening. Some energy healing modalities are broad in scope yet very good at kundalini activation. There are also specific energy healing attunements that focus on kundalini activation, stimulation, or rising.

Kundalini Maintenance Attunement, Kundalini Seichim and Kundalini 999 High Integration are some of the best attunements to work with kundalini energy. All these attunements are safe and easy to use.

Meditation Practice

Meditation is a beautiful practice for all types of spiritual development goals. You may find that meditation is also a good practice to slowly yet consistently work with stimulating your kundalini energy.

There are specific kundalini meditation practices that you may want to consider. Although all types of meditation, including mindfulness meditation, are worth considering.

Breathing Techniques

Very similar to meditation, breathing exercises may also be a good choice. When doing any breath work, your focus is on breathing, your psychology, and rhythmic movement.

When you focus on the rhythmic movement, strengthen your core and bring in more air, you may find that your kundalini may activate. Breath work is a beautiful practice that you can add to any spiritual practice.


Your kundalini is one of your energy bodies, which helps channel kundalini energy throughout your energy bodies. This may have the potential for significant spiritual development.

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