What Is Spiritual Stagnation?

Spiritual stagnation is a term that you may see pop up now and then on my blog. It is a term that gives you an excellent way of understanding how truth, action, and change interact. What is spiritual stagnation? It is a vital aspect of understanding vitality and wellbeing.

What Is Spiritual Stagnation?

Spiritual stagnation occurs when you resist life, no longer grow spiritually or restrict what is possible for you, which results in forced change, which is often quick and painful.

In tarot, spiritual stagnation would be represented by the tower card. The tower card depicts a sudden and forced change. Change where your only option is to go along with it to reduce pain caused by such a catastrophic change. Resisting the change is no longer possible.

The change that comes from spiritual stagnation is necessary. It seeks to bring you back into spiritual alignment and present lessons that have not been learnt. This is ultimately what your life purpose is, to learn, grow and develop from all your experiences. It is through these experiences and growth that you may be able to bring healing and vitality to your life.

What Are The Signs Of Potential Spiritual Stagnation?

  • Not speaking your truth.
  • Frequent irritation.
  • Need to control outcomes.
  • Excessive spiritual protection.
  • Ego driven separation.
  • Seeking to maintain bliss.
  • Defining what is possible for you and what is not.
  • Seeking fame and name.
  • Forcing your views on others.
  • Creating and maintaining drama.
  • Not taking responsibility for one’s actions.

These are only a few signs that spiritual stagnation may be occurring.

How Can You Prevent Spiritual Stagnation?

Spiritual stagnation can affect anyone from masters and spiritual leaders to the person in the street. You may avoid spiritual stagnation if you learn, grow and discover from all your experiences. There is only ever a journey and no destination, which means that you will always learn and grow (overcoming stagnation (is the grass greener?)). If you ever reach a point where you think you know all there is on your spiritual journey, then take a step back and reconsider this view.

If you are experiencing spiritual stagnation, remember it will pass, and the results can be outstanding if you learn and grow from them. Use it as a vehicle for self-development and increased personal power, vitality and well-being. Spiritual stagnation can be a real spiritual blessing if you choose to work with it.

Spiritual Stagnation Removal Maintenance Attunement

The Spiritual Stagnation Removal Maintenance Attunement may be of benefit as it aims to assist you in preventing and working through spiritual stagnation.

Working with attunements may be beneficial, especially when focused on clearing non-serving subconscious programs and raising your vibration


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