What Is The Earth Star Chakra?

What Is The Earth Star Chakra?

The earth star chakra is an unusual chakra. It does not fit into the typical idea of what a chakra is or where it ought to be. But what is the earth star chakra?

What Is The Earth Star Chakra?

The Earth Star Chakra, as is the case with all chakras, in a general sense can be seen as a spinning wheel of light that makeup part of your energy bodies which includes your aura and meridians.

Like all chakras, the earth star chakra brings energies into your energy bodies and also sends energies out into the environment around you. The earth star chakra allows you to sense the energetic environment around you and let others sense your energies. Also, the earth star chakra has specific functions due to its located.

The earth star chakra is located outside and below your etheric body (it is not within your physical body). The earth star chakra is positioned about 6 inches below the soles of your feet. Some traditions place this chakra at around two arms lengths below your feet. Although I have never seen an earth star chakra that far down.

The earth star chakra is important for ensuring you are grounded. In addition to this, it strengthens your connection with the earth, nature and your sense of inter-connectivity with all life. It is through the earth star chakra that you initially receive energies from the earth. These earth energies are rejuvenating, energetically nourishing and loving.

Most people associate the earth star chakra with a connection to the earth, but it is capable of so much more such as increasing vitality, well-being and bringing in divine and loving energies. Also, you may also sense and feel energies flowing much easier through this chakra, and the results may be felt almost immediately.

The earth star chakra also has an interaction with the sacral chakra, which may assist with energetic balance and feeling more centred.

The earth star chakra is dynamic. This means that is is not static in its location, shape and appearance and will change depending on the energies around or within you.

Depending on these energies the earth star chakra may change shape, spin direction, and even location. With this in mind, it is important not to hold too firmly how you think the earth star chakra should be perceived.

When Should You Work With The Earth Star Chakra?

Working with the earth star chakra may be beneficial when feeling:

  • Ungrounded.
  • Mentally agitated or unable to focus.
  • Feeling cut off.
  • Energetically unbalanced.
  • In need of an energetic boost.
  • Working with ancestral lineage.
  • Connecting quickly with ley lines and energy bodies of the earth.

The earth star chakra is also excellent at increasing overall vitality and well-being. You may be interested in the Increase Vitality With The Earth Star Chakra Meditation. I personally work very often with this chakra when I specifically want to raise vitality and vibration.

If you work with attunements, the Earth Star Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement has been specifically designed to help activate and maintain a healthy earth star chakra.

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