Why Do We Have An Aura?

Why Do We Have An Aura?

The aura in a general sense is an energy field that permeates and surrounds your physical body. The aura is made up of distinct layers in much the same way as an onion has layers that extend out from its centre. The aura has seven main layers. Each layer has its function and is energetically connected to one of the primary chakras. It is because of this you can work with your chakras by working with the corresponding auric layer and vice versa. But why do we have an aura?

Your aura is a pretty special energetic structure that keeps you healthy, vital and protected.

The Aura Is Dynamic And Changes

To understand why you have an aura, it is essential to be aware that an aura is dynamic. This means that the auric layers are not static and change depending on the energies around and within you. Depending on these energies the aura may change shape, size, frequency, colour and even location. With this in mind, it is essential to learn about the aura and auric layers, but not be held so firmly to this. You must always use your intuition on how to read the aura and auric layers and also how the different auric layers interact with each other and what this can mean for vitality, well-being and personal development.

There is a lot of contradictory information about auras. This is because you are a unique energy being. No one will ever be the same as you – past, present or future. You are a unique expression. This includes your aura and your perceptions of them. As such it is important not to get too fixed and stuck on what you think or have been told what the auric layers look like, what colour they are and indeed what they even do.

Why Do We Have An Aura?

A healthy aura can extend for metres around you. This means that it is the interchange of your internal energies and the energies around you. Energy comes into your aura, which allows you to read it and then react to it. Energy also flows out of you into the environment. This is very important for healthy relationships, intuition and for keeping you safe. How often have we been around someone that is calm and ‘zen’ like which then rubs off on you? This in part is due to the exchange of energies between your auras.

The aura keeps you energetically safe. It stops and prevents any non-serving energies from entering your energy bodies that could cause unbalance within you. A healthy aura has a beautifully smooth auric boundary that ensures a selectively permeable boundary is created around you that keeps you energetically safe. As an example when you walk into a room that feels off or tangibly feels energetically unsafe, you may choose to leave. This is the aura protecting you.

Your aura is a pretty special energetic structure that keeps you healthy, vital and protected. If you are interested in learning how to perceive and read your aura, please read my How To Read Your Aura blog post.

The Aura Maintenance Attunement aims to provide a set of energetic tools to maintain a healthy, clear and vital aura which may be a great addition to your daily energy healing practice.

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