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Free Self Attunements

Attunements are wonderful, energetic tools that focus on a topic or objective to bring about energetic change and spiritual development. I offer a selection of free self-attunements, all created with pure, clean, and high-vibration energies. They are incredibly safe and do not have any connections to energy beings, symbols, or any other additions or complicated structures.

Free self attunements allow you to attune yourself to the energies. Once attuned, you can then use the energies whenever you wish. Once you order your free self attunement (you will not be charged for the self-attunement), you will receive an email with a link to your digital download of your manual. Please follow the easy-to-follow instructions in the manual to accept your self-attunement and how to use the energy.


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Free attunements offer a great way to try attunements for the first time. They provide the basic structure of accepting attunements and activating and working with the energies.

Of course, you do not have to be a beginner to work with free attunements, as they may be excellent additional energetic tools in your spiritual toolbox.

Despite being free self attunements, they are still fully developed and are no less significant than any other type of attunement.

New To Attunements? Start Here

New To Attunements? Start Here

Our collection of resources will walk you through everything you need to know about distant attunements.

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