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Maintenance Attunements

I created and founded maintenance attunements © to be very easy to use despite often being advanced in nature.

Maintenance attunements focus on the maintenance of energies, energy bodies, and energetic connections. The effective maintenance of these energies aims to allow for strong, balanced, stable, and high-vibration energies and energy bodies.

Maintenance attunements have been designed to be used daily, in a sequence, or as and when they are required. Maintenance attunements are incredibly flexible and open-ended, which means they will always adapt to your energies as you progress.

You can combine maintenance attunements to form maintenance attunement sequences for any focus area you are working towards.


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Chakra Maintenance Attunement
Chakra Maintenance Attunement Sale price$26.00 USD
Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement
Aura Maintenance Attunement
Aura Maintenance Attunement Sale price$26.00 USD
High Vibration Maintenance Attunement
Grounding Maintenance Attunement

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