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New Beginnings

New beginnings attunements aim to help start a new cycle or new beginning. New beginnings may occur both spiritually and in life more generally. Spiritual new beginnings are moments where something has been learned, and a new cycle can start, leading to a new cycle of discovery. Through the starting of new beginnings, you may gain moments of enlightenment and grow spiritually. I recommended considering the Blissful Light Lunar Healing Maintenance Attunement which is a beautiful energy healing modality that may energetically support the process of starting new beginnings. If you have already started a new beginning, you may be inserted in the attunements in the moving forward attunements collection.


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Hekakaiha attunement
Hekakaiha Sale price$39.00 USD
Shaman Activation Maintenance Attunement, Attunements, Craig MacLennan - Blissful Light
Blissful Light Lunar Healing Maintenance Attunement
Shamanic 999 Spiritual High Integration attunement
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Heart Chakra Deer Anchoring Treatment
Dynamic Maha Kali Connections Maintenance Attunement
9999 Angel Number Manifestation Maintenance Attunement
Phoenix 999 Spiritual High Integration attunement
Butterfly Transmutation Manifestation Dynamic Empowerment attunement
Dynamic Ganesha Connections Maintenance Attunement
Sacred Etheric Crystal Atlantean Cross Connection Maintenance Attunement, Attunements, Craig MacLennan - Blissful Light
Ultimate Goddess Awakening Treatment
Ultimate Archangel Raziel Transitions Treatment
Lunar Fairy Magic Connection Maintenance Attunement
Goddess Rite
Goddess Rite Sale price$65.00 USD
Buy 1 Get 4 Free
Dynamic Vulture Power Animal Connections Maintenance Attunement
Dynamic Solstice Connections Maintenance Attunement
Dynamic Aurora Connections Maintenance Attunement
Dynamic Weather Connections Maintenance Attunement

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