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Seichim Attunements

Seichim attunements are becoming very popular and more well-known in the energy healing community. In part, this is due to it having a close familiarity with Reiki and also due to the beautifully compassionate, loving, and feminine energies Seichim may provide. All the Seichim attunements offered provide the very best in energies and teachings available. Blissful Light Seichim is a great starting point to experience pure Seichim energies.


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Kundalini Seichim attunements
Kundalini Seichim Sale price$25.00 USD
Dragon Sekhem attunement
Dragon Sekhem Sale price$25.00 USD
999 Seichim attunement
999 Seichim Sale price$25.00 USD
Discounted PackageSave $50.00
Seichim Attunement Package
Seichim Attunement Package Sale price$100.00 USD Regular price$150.00 USD
Blissful Light Seichim attunements
Blissful Light Seichim Sale price$25.00 USD
Apollo Seichim attunement
Apollo Seichim Sale price$25.00 USD
Dynamic Advanced Sekhem Connections Maintenances Attunement

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