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Ultimate Treatments

Ultimate treatments are advanced energy healing treatments focusing on a specific topic yet providing extensive energetic and spiritual coverage. They may involve deep energetic clearings, advanced spiritual applications, and all work from a safe, high-vibration platform.

You should consider ultimate treatments if you want to go further than a standard treatment while offering value for money. They are ideal if you have been working on a specific topic and want to ensure you cover as many spiritual aspects as possible.


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Ultimate Clearing Treatment
Ultimate Clearing Treatment Sale price$75.00 USD
Ultimate Etheric Libraries (Akashic) Clearing Treatment
Ultimate Ancestral Healing Treatment
NewPre-approval Required
Ultimate Spiritual Third Eye Enhancement Treatment
Ultimate Past Life Clearing Treatment
Ultimate Chakra Healing Treatment
Ultimate Abundance Activation Alignment Treatment
NewPre-approval Required
Ultimate Spiritual Stellar Gateway Enhancement Treatment
Ultimate Karma Clearing Treatment
Ultimate Live Your Life Inner Truth Treatment
Ultimate Abundance Of Love Activation Alignment Treatment
Ultimate Vibration Increase Treatment - energy healing
NewPre-approval Required
Ultimate Arcturian Third Eye Stimulation Treatment
Ultimate Shamanic Soul Retrieval Integration Treatment
Ultimate Spiritual DNA Healing Treatment
Ultimate Energy Healers Support Treatment
NewPre-approval Required
Ultimate Psychic Third Eye Alignment Treatment
Ultimate Inner Child Nurturing And Healing Treatment
Ultimate Energetic Spiritual Grounding Treatment
Ultimate Archangel Raziel Transitions Treatment
Ultimate Divine Trust Treatment
Ultimate Divine Trust Treatment Sale price$75.00 USD
Ultimate Local And Spiritual Energy Balancing Treatment
Ultimate Golden Ray Transmutation And Cleanse Treatment
Ultimate Violet Flame Anchoring Treatment
Ultimate Soul Family Healing Integration Treatment
Ultimate Energetic Spiritual Protection Treatment
Ultimate Rebirthing Healing Treatment
Ultimate Auric Ascension Treatment
Ultimate Lunar Illumination Healing Treatment
Ultimate Higher Self Healing Treatment
Ultimate Starseed Healing Treatment
Ultimate Energy Vampire Protection Treatment

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