About Craig


Craig is a spiritual healer, communicator and empath with the gift of being able to tune into divine guidance. Craig’s spiritual journey began with his affinity for nature, plants and animals. He was naturally caring and very protective of all living creatures. 

From a very early age, Craig took care of many different types of creatures and plants he would find in the garden. More often than not, they would end up in bottles and containers next to his bed. Craig loved caring for all his creatures and treated them with respect. 

That is how at an early age Craig intuitively started performing energy healing treatments on his beloved pets and creatures. It was also at this time he began creating attunements, despite never being taught how to or understanding that there was a name for what he was creating. Many of the most popular energies and attunements that Craig has founded and shares with his clients have been created many years ago throughout his early life and continue to be created to this day.  

For many years Craig’s experiences he gained not only in his personal life but also through travelling and interacting with different cultures have helped and inspired him to create and provide new, wonderful energies and energetic tools that nurture life on earth and bring spiritual support to his many wonderful clients. 

Craig is an intuitive and sensitive spiritual teacher that works with the energies of light. He has a very high work ethic and treats all his clients with respect and tries to provide the very best service and healing energies to his clients. Craig believes that we are all unique beings, with unique spiritual perspectives, abilities and understandings which he respects and wholeheartedly encourages. However, Craig does not aim to work with everyone, though, as he predominantly works with those who are ready to work hard towards their spiritual goals. 

The attunements that Craig creates and shares are the result of his life experiences. As a child and teenager, he faced many challenges due to difficult circumstances. He became energetically drained and depleted. This state led him to attract more of the same situations in his adult life. All of these experiences have been a significant catalyst for Craig’s change and transformation and continued growth. Craig understands that hard work, determination and commitment are required for all energy healing and spiritual practice.

Craig now uses his experiences in overcoming difficulties to help others. That is what Blissful Light is all about. Blissful Light was created to support people on their spiritual paths, while they take action to move forward, learn and discover. Blissful Light aims to provide simple, yet effective tools and energies that offer a way to bring about healing, balance and enlightenment. 

From Craig:

When you remember that you are a divine, eternal, expansive energy being life becomes so much easier. You no longer get bogged down in the illusional traps of everyday life. You are already whole and perfect, and any perceived failure is, in fact, a success as you are doing what our calling is, discovering your life. No one born before or in the future will ever have the same perceptions and experiences as you. No one will ever be able to discover your life, only you. This is why your purpose here on earth is so important. It is also why your vitality is possibly the most valuable thing in this world as, without it, you will never be able to discover fully. Guard your vitality. Never give it away and vigilantly determine where you give it and what takes it. Remember your true nature and never put yourself in a box or be told what is possible in life.