The Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement aims to support the clearing and healing of past hurts and blockages while strengthening and opening you and your energies to receiving and expressing love. 

The Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement is activated and directed by intention and can be used on all types of love, including spiritual, friendship or romantic.

The Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement, a Maintenance Attunement, aims to work in six distinct ways, simultaneously (although you can activate each function separately), each time you activate the energies:

1 - Clearing

The energies of this attunement aim to clear blockages to both receiving love and expressing love. Once any blockages are cleared, the attunement aims to remove negative imprints, past intentions, vows, spells, curses etc. that may negatively impact love will be removed. 

2 - Strengthening

The attunement aims to strengthen appropriate healthy boundaries and strengthen your energy bodies, especially the heart chakra (love for others), thymus chakra (compassion for yourself) and your aura. The energy bodies are restored, focusing on increasing self-worth, enhancing personal power and energetic grounding.

3 - Healing

The attunement aims to assist in the healing of wounds of past love related issues and letting go of the past, painful memories, hurts, or inappropriate intentions and ideals and forgiveness of self and others.

4 - Intentions

Positive intentions are essential when working to stop repeating cycles or how you think (expectations about love), act or react. The energies of this attunement aim to help provide an energetic platform to start creating positive, affirming and balanced intentions that are appropriate, empowering and spiritually aware. 

5 - Open

Remaining open to love (self and others) is an essential aspect of healing and the energies of this attunement aim to assist with this. The attunement aims to realign your energies to keep your energy bodies and spiritual connections open and honour your learning experiences connected with love.

6 - Support

The energies of the Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement aim to be loving, kind and supportive and are imbued with the energies of divine love.  The energies of this attunement may also bring in the guidance of loving, benevolent spirit guides, if necessary, to help you specifically with love if this resonates with you (your love spirit guides will only appear if you want them). 

Due to the open-ended nature of the energies provided in this attunement, there is potential for new functions to reveal themselves to you that are specific to you and your needs.

The Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement requirements:

Functions included in the attunement:

  • Clear blockages to receiving love.
  • Clear blockages to expressing love.
  • Clear negative imprints.
  • Clear past intentions, vows, spells, curses.
  • Cut negative cords.
  • Subconscious clearing.
  • Strengthen appropriate boundaries.
  • Strengthen energy bodies (heart chakra, aura etc.).
  • Energetic restoration.
  • Increase self-worth.
  • Enhance personal power.
  • Energetic grounding
  • Heal wounds of past love related issues.
  • Let go of the past.
  • Forgiveness (self and others).
  • Remove shame.
  • Stop repeating cycles.
  • Protect empathy - not all people are good.
  • Positive intentions.
  • Remain open to love (self and others).
  • Love spirit guides.
  • Divine love.
  • Raise your vibration.

      Your Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement purchase includes the following:

      • Digital download of the Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement manual (PDF document).
      • 1 distant attunement prepared as a Chi Ball Attunement.
      • A certificate of attunement, with lineage and signature, via email on request.
      • Training and support during the attunement duration via email.

      Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information. 

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