Negative Energy Clear And Cleanse Empowerment (Free Self-Attunement)

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The Negative Energy Clear And Cleanse Empowerment free self-attunement aims to give you a fast and easy way to clear negative or non-supportive energies from objects that you may come into contact with or touch during your day.

The Negative Energy Clear And Cleanse Empowerment aims to remove negative energies associated with emotional imprints, memories, energies from the object's environment, and even energies related to its production. This empowerment is particularly beneficial when you are shopping and handling a lot of different objects, especially old or second-hand ones.

Negative energies tend to stick or imprint on objects. These energies come from all sorts of sources, including people who have touched, produced, transported, owned, sold, or even been around the object and may transfer or have an effect on you.

You can download the manual directly HERE (please make sure you understand and agree to the terms and requirements below). 

Or you can check out (you won't be charged for this attunement) if you want to add this free attunement to an existing order or want to experience our attunement order process. Once you check out (you will not be charged for this self-attunement), you will receive an email with a link to your digital download of the manual (PDF document). 

You must follow the instructions provided in the manual to accept the attunement. You attune yourself to self-attunements. Your self-attunement has already been prepared and placed in the etheric realms for you to accept whenever you are ready to do so. You do not need to request that your attunement be prepared.

No certificate and lineage are provided.

The Negative Energy Clear And Cleanse Empowerment (Free Self-Attunement) requirements:

Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information. 

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