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The distant Ultimate Ancestral Healing Treatment aims to provide an advanced treatment to clear and heal non-serving ancestral connections and energies.

The treatment starts by giving a deep and thorough energetic clearing of your energy bodies (aura, chakras, and meridians). Once your energy bodies have been cleared, the ancestral clearing and healing begins by using energies specifically for ancestral healing.

The healing extends to clearing your ancestral lineage, which is the energetic connection between you and your ancestors. Ancestral lineages tend to accumulate non-serving energies and imprints, which may cause energetic issues.

Once cleared, your starseed lineage will be cleared. Your starseed lineages are energetic connections between you and your incarnations linked to star races.

Once your lineages have been cleared, any karma connected to your ancestors will be cleared. This will be followed by ensuring any non-serving soul contracts that specifically include your ancestors will also be cleared.

This is followed by clearing and healing of your ancestral names and includes a deep soul family healing. Your soul family may not always be obvious in ancestral healing; however, including your soul family in the clearing aims to provide a more profound and broader application of the healing.

The treatment is finished by asking for an ancestral blessing of love, gratitude, support, and honor while ensuring you are energetically grounded and protected.

This treatment does not read past lives, communicate with your ancestors, or focus on specific ancestral issues. Instead, it is designed to be used as a general approach to ancestral healing, allowing more potential for energetic release and healing.

This treatment will only clear the energies you are ready to release. It will not remove your connections to spirit or any energy healing modalities you are attuned to or work with. It aligns with your higher self.

    The Ultimate Ancestral Healing Treatment requirements:

    What may I gain from this treatment?

    • Energetic clearing of your energy bodies.
    • Ancestral healing.
    • Ancestral lineage clearing.
    • Starseed lineage clearing.
    • Ancestral karma clearing.
    • Ancestral soul contracts clearing.
    • Ancestral/family name clearing.
    • Soul family healing connected with your ancestors.
    • Ancestral blessings.
    • Increased energetic vibration.
    • Good energetic hygiene practice.

          What is included?

          • Distant Ultimate Ancestral Healing Treatment.
          • There is no treatment pre-scheduling. Following you emailing me letting me know you are ready for your treatment, I will complete the treatment as soon as possible without scheduling a date or time. This allows me to work on your energies while in a natural state and in divine timing, which is essential for the treatment.
          • Relevant feedback of up to 200 words.
          Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information.

            Please Read Before Ordering

            All treatments are provided with the aim of assisting your spiritual development. However, there are some situations where treatments are not recommended. This is primarily due to your energies being in flux, unbalanced, and not being able to work with focused intention and insights.

            When consistently unfocused intention or fluctuating energies occur, it becomes incredibly challenging to gain long-lasting potential benefits from treatments. Therefore, please do not purchase a treatment if any of the following may apply.

            Your energies must be relatively balanced to consider an energy-healing treatment. This is due to the focused, consistently balanced, and high vibration intention that energy healing requires.

            With this in mind, if your energies, emotions, or thoughts fluctuate, are very unbalanced, intense, or extreme, you should not consider this treatment.

            Likewise, this also includes any state that is not what could be regarded as normal or prevents you from functioning in everyday life. This includes any shifts in consciousness, timelines, realities, visions that cannot be separated from reality, etc.

            If you feel under constant spiritual attack and are paranoid and intensely focused on others, entities, or other beings, this spiritual development focused treatment should not be considered.

            If any of this is the case, you should consult appropriate professional support.

            This treatment focuses on your spiritual development, which requires you to have the appropriate spiritual maturity to work on yourself with time, focus and support if needed.

            If you demand an immediate and urgent treatment, this treatment is not for you. Working with spiritually focused energy healing should never be applied in urgency. This energetic imbalance will not likely give you time to work through spiritual discoveries and development opportunities. This treatment is provided for spiritual development and not energetic emergencies.

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