What is included in a space clearing purchase?

What is included in a space clearing purchase?

Space clearings include a discussion of your requirements and the giving to me of additional information (what is included in the space clearing, past histories, reasons for the space clearing etc.).

Once the space clearing remit has been agreed an appointment day will be given when the space clearing will take place. The space clearing will take place and will cover all agreed areas (rooms, garden, boundaries, out buildings etc.).

The space clearing aims to clear any non serving energies from the environment that has been agreed. In addition to this new supportive and uplifting energies will be brought in. This is followed by the agreed area being energetically protected using various techniques which may involved energies, shields and blessings.

Once the space clearing has been completed I will email you with any relevant feedback which may including what was done and include any suggestions for the area to remain energetically clear if necessary.

Please read the ‘What is included?’ section found on the space clearing page for specific inclusions for that particular space clearing.