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Why have a distant space clearing with Craig?

Why have a distant space clearing with Craig?

The distant space clearing has been carefully considered, structured and researched to ensure that only the most effective techniques are used to ensure you receive the very best quality and cutting edge distant space clearing.

Competitive prices

I have tried to ensure that the distant space clearing offers both quality and affordability. I understand that the environments we choose to live and stay in are vital to wellbeing.

High standards

I ensure that all distant space clearings are done following our strict Code Of Ethics. I treat all distant space clearings as if they were in-person.


Following a distant space clearing I will provide you with relevant feedback as to what was done and also any suggestions to help keep your environment clear in the future.

Easy scheduling

Life is busy and I appreciate that it can be difficult to schedule in distant space clearings around other commitments. Also, many clients are based around the world. As such I have designed the distant space clearings so they can be done while you go about your normal day-to-day activities and require no preparation on your part.