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We would love your contribution. We aim to inspire and trigger questioning in our readers so they can grow, move forward, and actively create their lives. You can help change people's lives by writing for us.

Blissful Light is all about healing, well-being, spiritual growth, self-empowerment and discovering your reality around you.

This may be achieved by writing about energy healing and spiritual practices, meditation, healthy eating, green living, psychology, and personal essays about how your own healing achievements, transformations and life experiences lead to a new perspective.

Why Write For Blissful Light

Aside from helping others and changing peoples lives around the world by sharing your expertise and experiences, you will be credited for your work. This will include your picture, short bio and a link back to your website or blog. This will help boost your SEO, search engine ranking and connect you with new readers.

What We Want

  • Original content: Your article must be unique to Blissful Light. This means that it must not have been published before or must not be published in the future including your own blog. The content must be unique and exclusive to Blissful Light.
  • Great title that is clear and compelling: Does the title clearly let readers know what the blog post is about, solve a problem or make someone's life better?
  • Source all claims: Any references to claims, statistics or studies in your article must include a link to the source. You must be able to back up all claims with a link to the source or explain why you feel something works or is the way it is.
  • Short precise first paragraph: Does the first paragraph explain clearly what the article is about, or what the article will aim to explain?
  • Easy to follow tips, suggestions, and practices: Give clear and easy to follow tips, suggestions, and practices that take the reader on a journey to achieve a specific outcome.
  • Conversational tone: Use a conversational tone as if you are explaining something to a friend.


What We Don’t Want

  • No part of the article must seek to control an outcome. This includes suggestions on how to work with controlling or manipulative deities, spells, or any form of spiritual practice.
  • The following content areas will not be accepted; black magic, any practices not of the light, traditional religious content, saints, religious founders and practitioners.
  • Submissions from content farms and overly SEO driven content.


Editorial Terms

Blissful Light has the right to turn down any submissions or edit submissions in any way that is deemed necessary.

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