Azurite Essence 2024 Attunement

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Ole Gabrielsen

The distant Azurite Essence 2024 Attunement aims to connect you with the energies associated with the Azurite crystal which may be beneficial to strengthen and activate the third eye chakra for increased intuition and stronger psychic abilities.

The Azurite Essence 2024 Attunement is focused on the energetic connection rather than teachings and offers a very simple attunement and manual (3 pages). This attunement is primarily for anyone who already knows about or works with the Azurite crystal and wants to strengthen their connection.

This is the latest version of the energies that are updated from time to time.

What are the Azurite Essence 2024 Attunement requirements?

What may I gain from taking this attunement?

  • Energetic connection with Azurite crystal.
  • Strengthen third eye chakra.
  • Increase intuition and psychic development.

What is included?

  • Digital download of the original manual (3 pages).
  • 1 distant attunement prepared as a Chi Ball Attunement.
  • Certificate with lineage and signature via email on request.
  • Training and support during the course duration via email.


Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information. Why have a distant attunement with Craig?

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