Kundalini Activation Guided Meditation (Audio Download)

The Kundalini Activation Guided Meditation audio download aims to guide you through a beautiful and powerful guided meditation to experience kundalini awakening and activation.

This 20 minutes guided meditation will take you through a specific process to bring about kundalini activation. You will be taken, step by step, through various actions and guided visualisations that aim to clear your kundalini channel, raise your vibration, stimulate the rising of your kundalini and finally allow you to experience oneness.

The Kundalini Activation Guided Meditation, aside from working with it to activate your kundalini, can also be used for spiritual growth, increasing intuition, raising your vibration, ascension, forgiveness, moving forward, increasing vitality and wellness and expanding your spiritual awareness.

The Kundalini Activation Guided Meditation makes a perfect addition to the Kundalini Attunement Package, Kundalini Maintenance Attunement and Kundalini Reiki.


Kundalini Activation Guided Meditation details

  • 20 minutes.
  • Female voice.
  • American accent.
  • Soothing background music.

What are the requirements?

  • If you are ill or unwell you must first seek proper medical care.
  • No prerequisite knowledge required.
  • Understanding that healing is a process that requires your active participation.
  • An open heart and a commitment to your self-empowerment and growth.
  • Some quiet time to practice.
  • Not to be used when driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Personal use only. This guided meditation cannot be resold or bundled with other products or attunements.
  • Understand and accept our disclaimer and terms.

What may I gain from practising the guided meditation?

  • Kundalini activation and awakening.
  • Kundalini channel clearing.
  • Raising your vibration.
  • Energetic ascension.
  • Increased intuition and psychic gifts.
  • Experience oneness.
  • Emotional release and balance.
  • Periods of enlightenment and spiritual awareness.
  • Increased vitality, well-being, and spiritual grounding
  • Self-empowerment and personal development support.

What is included?

  • MP3 audio file.
  • M4A (Lossless) audio file - perfect for iTunes.
  • A PDF copy of the meditation script.
  • Training and support via email.


Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information. 

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