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Whether you are on an accelerated path of spiritual discovery or are curious or just starting out, we know how challenging each step can be. You may have lots of questions, be confused over what steps to take or are over coming personal hurdles. Whilst we believe all change occurs due to the hard work you put in, we are here to support you as you learn, grow and discover. All our products, services and support help to deliver this in a welcoming and encouraging environment. We strive to give you the highest standards of support, knowledge, experience and above all, encouragement.

Healing, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Blog

Why the idea of a twin flame limits your possibilities

by Craig MacLennan February 05, 2016

A twin flame is spiritual and not necessarily romantic.

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10 Ways You Can Increase Your Vitality Now

by Craig MacLennan January 15, 2016

Raise your vitality for increased wellbeing.

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Does the law of attraction really work?

by Craig MacLennan December 16, 2015

The simple answer is it depends. 

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