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10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Energy Healing Treatment

July 31, 2015

Treatments may be the catalyst of a wonderful journey of self discovery, empowerment and wholeness. While spontaneous healing may take place, it is however more often than not a way of clearing the decks and allowing you, a conscious creator, to move forward and create as you go. The following 10 ways will show you how to make the most of the treatment as you continue forward on your journey. Drink plenty of water and rest. Once your treatment has been completed it is good to  drink plenty of water. This is because following a treatment your body will be in the process of removing non serving and negative energies. This process is helped by staying well hydrated. Also energy flows far...

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7 Tips To Keep Your Home Energetically Clear

June 22, 2015

When we do an energy healing and clearing on our home we often refer to this as a home space clearing. This means that we attempt to energetically clear any non supportive energies from our homes and replace them with harmonious and supportive energies. Home space clearing should be done whenever you feel that there is energetic imbalance within the home which may result in out of the ordinary arguments, relationship issues, the house feels sad or heavy or you may feel the presence of something that is not welcome. When we include our homes in our regular energy hygiene practices we not only aim to keep ourselves in tip top energetic condition, but also the environment we spend most...

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