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Blissful Light provides quality and transformational homes study energy healing attunements, courses, treatments, readings and wellbeing products. Our commitment to excellence focuses on you and your needs. We provide first class support, training, encouragement and products helping you develop, grow and seek wholeness in a welcoming and caring environment.

"Always guard your energy as your healing, well-being, and vitality are built upon it."

- Craig MacLennan -


I am really grateful to Craig for helping my cat Bujang. The osteopath that works with Bujang told me that his stressed spine is a result of an emotional trauma that he might have experienced. These emotions may have caused the physical pain that he had. Craig helped and is still helping him with unblocking these emotions. I brought him for his 2nd osteopath consult last week and the osteopath said that his vertebrae now show no sign of stress unlike before. We are very blessed to have Craig help us.

J - Singapore

It has been an honour to have Craig as my Master Teacher for the Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho course. Although an online course, the journey with Craig was amazingly both professional and personal. Throughout the course, I felt genuinely supported, encouraged and guided on my healing path. Along with his prompt appropriate replies to all my questions, was the warmth, concern, and flexibility of a great Teacher. I would highly recommend Blissful Light to any individual seeking a path towards being healed or becoming a professional Healer.

Sarah - Australia

My experience with Blissful Light has been better than I could have imagined! Craig is very personable and eager to answer any questions or concerns. It has been an absolute delight working with him and I can't wait to continue learning!

Nicholas - Canada

I have done a Kundalini Reiki Course with Blissful Light and have found them extremely professional. However, what I like the most is the genuine feeling of warmth, compassion, interest and connection - yes, all through email - that I got. Any questions I had were answered as soon as possible with clarity and wisdom. I have also had an Angel Tarot Card Reading. Not only did I get the reading only a day after ordering it, but it was clear, full of advice and totally spot on.

All in all, you can't help getting the feeling that Blissful Light truly enjoy their work!

Vibeke - UK


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