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Ultimate Clearing Treatment

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Your treatment will be performed by Craig, the founder of Blissful Light.

The distant Ultimate Clearing Treatment aims to give a deep and thorough clearing of your energy bodies and other energies, including spiritual and energetic blockages.

This ultimate energy healing clearing treatment aims to ensure that any connections with other dimensions are cleared and that all of you, energetically, are present, balanced, and repaired. It aligns with your higher self and aims to start a journey of discovery following the clearing.

The Ultimate Clearing Treatment should be considered when you feel spiritually stuck or unable to move to the next level in your spiritual or personal development.

It is a beautiful treatment to have when you are just starting out on your spiritual path. This is because it aims to provide a clean, energetic slate and starts the process of increasing awareness and alignment.

The rate at which this occurs will always align with your higher self. It will not force anything to happen that you do not want or are unable to work with at that time.

The Ultimate Clearing Treatment aims to include:

  • Clearing of any auric attachments, hooks, barbs, debris, etc.
  • Etheric cord removal.
  • Etheric implant removal.
  • Complete energetic clearing, balancing, and repair of your energy bodies, including auric layers, chakras, and meridians.
  • Remove any spells and curses placed on you.
  • Energetic removal of inappropriate fear-based energies.
  • Clearing of your Akashic Records.
  • Past life clearing.
  • Karmic cycle removal.
  • Removal of non-serving soul contracts.
  • Removal of non-serving energies associated with your life path and moving forward.
  • Clearing of any energetic trauma associated with birth.
  • Clearing, balancing, and repair of connections with spirit and spirit guides.
  • Clearing of any etheric 'veils' that may block or colour your energetic perceptions.
  • Bring in energies to boost inner light, energy flow, and energetic harmony.
  • Personal power development.
  • Dimensional clearing.
  • Move forward in alignment with your high self.
  • Good energetic hygiene practice.
  • Energetic grounding.

This treatment will only clear the energies you are ready to release. It will not remove your connections to spirit or any energy healing modalities you are attuned to or work with. It aligns with your higher self.

The Ultimate Clearing Treatment requirements:

What is included?

  • Distant Ultimate Clearing Treatment.
  • There is no treatment pre-scheduling. Following you emailing me letting me know you are ready for your treatment, I will complete the treatment as soon as possible without scheduling a date or time. This allows me to work on your energies while in a natural state and in divine timing, which is essential for the treatment.
  • Relevant feedback of up to 200 words.

Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information.

Energetic Support

High Vibration Energies

The Ultimate Clearing Treatment aims to provide energetic support and assist spiritual growth and development. The treatment is provided in a safe, high-vibration, and advanced way to support, nurture and enhance your energies.

Ordering Energy Healing Treatments - What You Need To Know

Ordering Energy Healing Treatments - What You Need To Know

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