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5 Unexpected Attunements For Spiritual Growth

5 Unexpected Attunements For Spiritual Growth

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of attunements available. They cover various viewpoints, energies, energetic connections, and focus areas.

One focus area that attunements often work on is spiritual growth, spiritual advancement, or ascension.

These attunements typically assist in showing you ways to grow spiritually, remove veils, and raise your vibration.

This tends to lead to increased intuition, better spiritual awareness, and personal growth.

Often, you will find that an attunement's primary focus may be on something else. Still, it may greatly assist in spiritual growth if explicitly used.

The following five unexpected attunements for spiritual growth cover five attunements that do just that.

5 Unexpected Attunements For Spiritual Growth

The following five unexpected attunements for spiritual growth offer teachings and energies that have an interesting application for spiritual growth.

It is essential to remain open to using the energy and not try to control it. Staying flexible and willing to work with the energies is vital.

Best Advanced Attunement: Dragon Sekhem

Best All Round Attunement: Blissful Light Reiki

Best Attunement For Beginners: Chakra Maintenance Attunement

Blissful Light Reiki

Blissful Light Reiki is a beautiful Reiki modality suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

This well-rounded healing modality is open, inclusive, healing, and encouraging. These qualities are also essential in any spiritual growth development.

The more you work with the energies of Blissful Light Reiki, the more you may be in the flow of receiving insights and remaining on your spiritual path.

This, in turn, may offer an excellent opportunity for consistent and profound spiritual growth and development.

Dragon Sekhem

The Dragon Sekhem attunement aims to work with the energies of benevolent dragons and Sekhem for clearing, manifestation, and realignment.

The more you work with the energies, the more you may grow spiritually, discovering new insights and more profound spiritual connections.

The exact and revealing energies associated with the dragons and the power of Sekhem make these energies a good choice if you are ready for the next level in your spiritual growth.

Energy Channel Expansion Maintenance Attunement

The Energy Channel Expansion Maintenance Attunement aims to help expand your energy channels, so you can carry and channel more energy.

While this energetic tool is an excellent addition to any energy healing practice, it also works to help spiritual growth. This is due to holding more light energies and allowing more energies to flow.

The more energy you hold or channel increases the potential to gain more and deeper spiritual insights. Through gaining profound insights, you may move forward and grow spiritually.

Arcturian Spiritual Ancestry Healing Niemakaiha

The Arcturian Spiritual Ancestry Healing Niemakaiha is an advanced attunement that works with the Arcturians and Niemakaiha energies intending to heal ancestral connections.

One potential benefit of healing ancestral ties is the possibility of spiritual growth. This may be due to releasing ancestral blockages and gaining stronger positive connections.

The Arctuarians and Niemakaiha energies are spiritually advanced, and this attunement is a good choice for experienced practitioners.

Chakra Maintenance Attunement

Although designed to maintain healthy chakras, the Chakra Maintenance Attunement stimulates spiritual growth.

The energies of this attunement work to raise your vibration. It works with your energies, and you can clear, repair, and balance your chakras.

This process also works to open and expand your awareness. For example, you may find that your intuition increases. This may result in perceiving things differently.

Great strides in spiritual growth may be possible if you work with this process.


These are five unexpected attunements for spiritual growth, of which there are many more.

The key takeaway points to work with any attunements to accelerate spiritual growth are:

  • Do not control an outcome.

  • Remain open and flexible.

  • Always listen to your intuition.

  • Work with change and avoid separation.

  • Work to clear the subconscious mind of non-serving programs.

Many other spiritual growth attunements may be of interest.

I wish you many discoveries!

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