Energy Healing: What Is 999 Energy?

Energy Healing: What Is 999 Energy?

In energy healing and spiritual circles, we know that we are all ultimately energy beings.

We are energy and as such, are connected with the energies around us. That could be the energies of your car, your neighbour, the solar system etc. This is what the saying ‘we are all one’ really tries to express in an energetic sense.

The energies of the sun are part of you, and your energies are part of the sun. This is where the saying ‘we are all stardust’ originates. If we are all energy and all the energy of the universe is already part of us, what is 999 energy?

What Is 999 Energy?

When working with energies for healing, personal and spiritual growth, it is possible to access certain bands of energy that are more suited to certain types of work you want to achieve.

As an example, if you wanted to increase your psychic abilities, you might want to access and connect with the angelic realms (which operate in a band of frequencies). Or if you wanted to access the energies to help balance and enhance spiritual awakening, you may access the solfeggio frequencies.

It is very much like using an old radio to tune into a frequency to get a clear transmission of a specific radio station.

If you want to listen to pop music, you turn the dial and try and tune into a frequency where a pop radio station is broadcasting on.

This is what energy healing aims to do. You can tune into the most appropriate band of energy that best suits what you want to achieve in life.

With this in mind, 999hz frequency is a band of energy. It is a very high frequency of energy and is the highest frequency in the angelic realms and represents unity, closing of a cycle, moving forward, and spiritual awareness.

Physically, these energies may induce a sense of feeling calm and balanced and may help restore sound sleep.

The angelic realms are associated with these energies and may help in the development and strengthening of spiritual gifts, healing, and ascension. Also, these energies seem to hold a lot of universal information.

How Do You Access 999 Energies?

999hz energies are a fantastic band of energy to work with and can be used alongside all other types of energy healing.

If you are used to working with energies, you can use intention to access 999 frequency energies.

When you are calm and still, try and focus on your energies and intend that the energies rise in vibration. Feel little particles of light start to shimmer.

Then when you are ready, use your intention to access the 999 frequencies.

Often a sign you may perceive this as happening is when you may hear a slight ringing in your ears or get a strong knowing.

If you are new to energy healing or would prefer a direct method, then you might want to consider using attunements to help you.

There are many attunements that may assist with connecting with 999 frequency energies.

In particular, you may want to consider 999 Seichim, 999 DNA Activation and Dynamic 999 Energy Connections Maintenance Attunement.

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