Distant Attunements

Are All Attunements Safe?

Are All Attunements Safe?

There are thousands of attunements (What Are Attunements?), if not more, that are available to work with and accept. They cover a broad range of different topic areas, methods of acceptance, energy types, functions, uses, energetic connections, etc. The choices available are often mind-boggling. With so much choice and variety, are all attunements safe?

Are All Attunements Safe?

The vast majority who have learned Reiki learn that Reiki can never cause harm. The energies are safe and protected and can only be used for good. In many ways, this may be true. However, this is not entirely correct.

It is essential not to assume attunements are used just for light energies. An attunement is a process to allow you to access energy. This can be any energy right across the energetic spectrum from light to dark.

Think about this for a moment.

Attunements are not the sole domain of light energies. There are many attunements available that aim to cause harm and they do not hide the fact.

It is essential not to assume attunements are used just for light energies.

Unfortunately, energy can be influenced by other energies, including the intentions of the founder and the people who attune others.

So even if the energy is pure and from the light, if the attunement founder's intentions are not pure, this can be transferred to the energy.

I don't want you to be alarmed, especially if you are new to attunements. You can safely navigate choosing the correct attunements by taking a step back and asking yourself, do these energies aim to harm or control me or someone? If they do not, then they should be safe to proceed.

Blissful Light only provides attunements from the light and does not work with controlling and dark energies.

There are many other things you can do to strengthen protection by ensuring you prepare yourself to do any energy work (this sets an intention of only accessing light energies) and ensuring your intentions are pure (How To Structure Energy Healing Treatments).

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