Healing Testimonials

I've worked with other masters, and I can tell you sincerely that the attumenents prepared for me arrived clean and direct as has happened to me only a few times. Thanks a lot again! 

E - Italy

Blissful Light provides a highly intuitive, nonjudgmental, objective, and supportive reading service. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking clarity on any issue or aspect of their life, for they will be pleased.  

The psychic and oracle card readings I have ordered from Blissful Light have been very helpful in clarifying my issues and providing insight on the direction that would be best for me to take to resolve them. The readings furthermore also accurately forecasted some things that were going to happen in my life, that I hadn't anticipated at the time they were mentioned. For example, in the life purpose reading I received earlier this year, it was predicted that some of my hard work in education was going to pay off. I did not know what that meant, but a few months later, my college informed me that I was selected to be the valedictorian for my class. I did not even know that this college had valedictorians, much less be selected as one. WOW!  That reading also predicted that a residential move was on the horizon for myself and my husband; but at that time, it did not seem possible, as there was no indication of a necessity to move. A few months later, the news came that we had to move to another place, because the landlords we were renting from wanted to move back in. I was initially shocked, but more so pleased because I immediately remembered what was predicted several months earlier by Blissful Light. WOW again! 

What I also appreciate about Blissful Light is that we never have to go through anything alone. If we are going through anything particularly difficult, Blissful Light provides the support we need to help us navigate through the rough patch. From healings to readings to supportive emails, this organization provides a safe space to easily, gracefully, efficiently, and comfortably make the shifts we need to make for us to come into the wholeness of who we are. 

Poornima - Canada

I am really grateful to Craig for helping my cat Bujang. The osteopath that works with Bujang told me that his stressed spine is a result of an emotional trauma that he might have experienced. These emotions may have caused the physical pain that he had. Craig helped and is still helping him with unblocking these emotions. I brought him for his 2nd osteopath consult last week and the osteopath said that his vertebrae now show no sign if stress unlike before. We are very blessed to have Craig help us.

J - Singapore

Thank you, the Seichem attunement was fantastic as I knew it would be. I had such an experience with an angel who was irrodecent pastelly colours. We were on a very high glass platform looking out over a solid cloud cover that had mountain peaks popping through here and there. The sky was sunny daylight however overhead was dark blue night with millions of stars. A very bright one shone directly over me. At one point I saw wind blowing over Mt Everest as I felt a slight breeze on my face. My hand tingled and it felt as if every inhale I took the exhale was via my palms. I went to bed feeling really light and airy and every thought through the night of symbols brought it on again. It's a strong wonderful energy! I did find the Golden Dragon energy very useful in " bringing me back". I will be using you again! 

Wendy - Australia 

This is a curse hex removal item which has to be experienced. I absolutely totally recommend this service and this man for his generosity, angelic and very gifted highly evolved healing modalities. In all my years of investigating healing and healers this is in my top 5 and thats over 20 years of research. Totally tuned into you and what you need according to your higher self and spirit. A clear channel to do what needs to be addressed and dealt with. Amazing work and this is effective powerful transformational work which brings results... a healer with great connections in spirit. wow.............thank you.

S - UK

I enjoyed all the attunements with you. I found the course material very helpful, and not assuming that the student already knows the subject. The best part was the way you handled all attunements very efficiently sending an email for each one of them, guiding exactly on how to receive the attunements. I should not hesitate to do more courses with you, if there is something that I wish to learn further. Thank you.

Gurpreet - Botswana

The Blissful Light's Boost service has not only been extremely helpful in supporting me in attaining academic success (e.g. straight As this past semester), but also in ensuring ease and grace in traveling. I could feel the power of the boost long before the scheduled time, as Craig facilitates a clearing process for me, so that I am able to fully experience the effects of the boosted Reiki energy. With great care and attention, Craig sets up the boost, ensures that it is flowing properly and then checks in with me afterwards to make sure the energy supported me in the way I desired. I am very blessed to know Craig and to receive the kind of healing assistance I need to move easily, gracefully, and efficiently on my soul's path. Craig is one of a kind and I am honoured to be a client. 


Poornima - Canada

Thank you so much! I received the boost and felt it not only during the exam, but also after. I left the exam feeling like I could run a marathon... let's hope my score reflects this! 

Parth - USA

Craig's new Reiki boost service is truly effective. I requested a Reiki boost for a huge mid-term exam. Craig sent me a boost at the time of my exam to last from the beginning to the end. During the exam, I felt this warmth, nurturing, and clarity while writing it. A week later I found out that I got an A on my exam, whereas the class average was a low B average. Thank you Craig for providing this very helpful and supportive service for those of us striving for excellence.

Poornima - Canada

It has been an honour to have Craig as my Master Teacher for the Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho course. Although an online course, the journey with Craig was amazingly both professional and personal. Throughout the course, I felt genuinely supported, encouraged and guided on my healing path. Along with his prompt appropriate replies to all my questions, was the warmth, concern and flexibility of a great Teacher. I would highly recommend Blissful Light to any individual seeking a path towards being healed or becoming a professional Healer.

Sarah - Australia

Getting my first distance attunement to Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Level 2 was beyond what I could have imagined! The experience was very magical and I recommend a distance attunement over an in-person one because you can be completely immersed in the energetic changes taking place within and around you. I am so very pleased with this entire experience! Everyday I find that my Reiki abilities are growing, and the energy itself is healing my life in ways I am very grateful for. Also Craig, the Reiki Master who attuned me, was very open prior and after the attunement to answering any questions, and his genuine interest to my progress is something I appreciate more than ever!

Anna - Canada

My experience with Blissful Light has been better than I could have imagined! Craig is very personable and eager to answer any questions or concerns. It has been an absolute delight working with him and I can't wait to continue learning!

Nicholas - Canada

I have done a Kundalini Reiki Course with Blissful Light and have found them extremely professional. However, what I like the most is the genuine feeling of warmth, compassion, interest and connection - yes, all through email - that I got.  Any questions I had were answered as soon as possible with clarity and wisdom. I have also had an Angel Tarot Card Reading. Not only did I get the reading only a day after ordering it, but it was clear, full of advice and totally spot on.

All in all, you can't help getting the feeling that Blissful Light truly enjoy their work!

Vibeke - UK

I have experienced Reiki attunement with Blissful Light and found out that it is incredibly amazing in my point of view. The sensation of peacefulness flowing through me made me feel like my soul was lifting. I would like to point out that Reiki made me aware of all my abilities which was blocked deep down inside. Looking forward to keep on progressing and thank Blissful Light to give me this opportunity to embark on this miraculous journey!

Thank you!

H - Seychelles

I am so happy to have found Craig to perform reiki treatment on my aging cat, Georgy. With his powerful techniques, Craig was able to intuitively zone in to the right areas of his body and determine where Georgy's aches and pains were coming from. Since the treatment, after clearing his chakras, I noticed that Georgy has been surprisingly calm, snoring away peacefully in his sleep like he used to years ago. He also has not wee weed on the floor since. Craig knew how sensitive my cat is to his environment and gave me great advice afterwards on what to inquire about to the vet. He definitely communicated and connected with my cat! The treatment was very effective in my opinion. I am very impressed and will continue treatments as necessary. Thank you again, Craig, from Georgy and I, to the bottom of our hearts!

Tamara - USA