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Top Angel Attunements

By Craig MacLennan January 03, 2019 4 min read

Top Angel Attunements

Angel attunements are some of the most popular attunements. Angel attunements are popular as working with angels, archangels and the angelic realms may offer healing, supportive, loving, and protective energies. There is a wide variety of angel attunements available. Some angel attunements focus on giving you an energetic connection with a specific angel, groups of angels, certain angelic realms for general or particular reasons. I have selected the top angel attunements that really stand out from the others based on popularity, teachings, and their energies.

Top Angel Attunements

Archangel Michael Connection Maintenance Attunement

The Archangel Michael Connection Maintenance Attunement aims to offer pure and uncomplicated energetic connections with Archangel Michael for healing and protection. This attunement comes with several built-in functions to work with the energies and is an excellent attunement for anyone wanting to work with Archangel Michael.

Archangel Raziel Lineage Healing

The Archangel Raziel Lineage Healing attunement aims to connect you with the energies associated with Archangel Raziel with the focus on clearing negative energies from past lives including non-serving vows and contracts. I found these energies to be beneficial.

Archangel Nathaniel Quantum Leap Forward

Another personal favourite is the Archangel Nathaniel Quantum Leap Forward attunement which aims to provide an energetic connection with Archangel Nathaniel. This attunement should be considered if you are wanting to move forward quickly and are prepared to work through anything that may need to be cleared to do so.

999 Angelic Realms

The 999 Angelic Realms attunement is a high vibration energy that aims to offer a simple connection with the 999 angelic realms for healing and spiritual progression. You should consider this attunement if you are actively working on ascension and higher vibration angelic energies.

Outside Influence Protection Empowerment

The Outside Influence Protection Empowerment attunement is a straightforward attunement that aims to offer energetic protection from external energies with the assistance of Archangel Michael. This attunement is easy to use and should be considered if you frequent environments that may not be energetically supportive.

AngelReiki System

The AngelReiki System attunement is a great addition to any Usui Reiki Master who wants to combine the energies of Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel into their practice. You should consider this attunement if you are wanting to work with these archangels and further expand your Reiki practice.

49 Angelic Symbols

The 49 Angelic Symbols attunement aims to offer 49 symbols that connect you with their corresponding angel and associations. These energies have a wide range of uses from healing, rebirth, self-love, purpose etc. You should consider this attunement if you like working with symbols and want to expand your angelic healing practice. 

Angel LightWorker Program

The Angel LightWorker Program attunements aim to give energetic connections with the three angelic spheres, each with their angelic choirs. This lovely attunement should be considered if you want to have a wide connection of angelic energies.

Angelic Empowerments

The Angelic Empowerments provides five attunements that also aim to connect you with the angelic choirs. Also, you may find these energies beneficial if you work with an angelic guide.

Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Healing System

The Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Healing System attunements main focus is on the healing of family both physically and also the oversoul family. This attunement is an advanced system, and you should have experience and understanding of angelic energies, the Akashic Records, and be able to visualise.

Angels Of Karma

The Angels Of Karma attunement aims to connect you with the angels of karma (what is karma?) so you can work to clear and to heal karmic energies. You should consider working with the angels of karma if you need angelic assistance in moving forward in life. The energies of this attunement can be used both for yourself and also your wider family.

Archangelic Seichim Reiki

The Archangelic Seichim Reiki attunement aims to offer a wonderful combination of seichim, reiki and the energies of the archangels for healing. You can use these energies in conjunction with other systems or by itself. These loving energies are often perceived as very loving and supportive.

Guardian Angel Reiki

The Guardian Angel Reiki attunement is all about the strengthening of your connection with your guardian angel. These energies also aim to remove any blockages you may have in connecting with your guardian angel. If you are working to strengthen these connections, then you should consider the Guardian Angel Reiki attunement.

Raphael And The Angels Of Money Abundance Pentagram Empowerment

The Raphael And The Angels Of Money Abundance Pentagram Empowerment attunement works with the energies and assistance of Archangel Raphael and angels of money for any financial needs you may have. This attunement is an excellent addition to any financial abundance work.

Shield of Archangel Michael

The Shield of Archangel Michael attunement is a popular attunement that works with the energies associated with Archangel Michael with the aim of providing energetic protection and also energetic shielding from psychic attack. This straightforward attunement may be a great addition to your daily energetic practice.

Angel Stones

The Angel Stones attunement offers an unusual way with working with angelic energies. This attunement allows you to infuse crystals and any object with the healing and protective energies of the angels. These angelic imbued objects may be kept with you, so you are always surrounded by angelic energies.

Solar Angels Attunement

The Solar Angels Attunement is an interesting energy that aims to connect you with the energies of the Solar Angels. The Solar Angels energies aim to heal the physical body and bring in a full spectrum of light energy which may be beneficial for cellular healing and rejuvenation. This attunement is all about the energetic connection.

I hope you have enjoyed the top angel attunements selection. There are many other great angel attunements and also angel attunement packages, which offer great value for money.

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